Friday, January 2, 2009

Help Wanted

Our book club is meeting this week for our annual business meeting to discuss what books to read for the year. If any of my blogger readers, and the blogging community, have ideas what books are good for discussion please leave a comment. I was thinking of Testimony which I just finished. But I wanted a couple more that really stand out.
It would be most appreciated, Thanks...


Ann said...

Hi. I've looked back at a few of your posts to see what else you've read, but mostly these are just some bookgroup favorites that we've found over the years.

First, I notice that you do some Jewish-oriented fiction -- a standout is KAATERSKILL FALLS by Allegra Goodman. It won major awards, and is long but I loved it!

If you are looking for something with a historical bent, 1000 WHITE WOMEN by Jim Fergus is always a favorite. I resisted this one for awhile, but it was one of the best book group discussions our group ever had.

Josh Henkin's MATRIMONY is set in contemporary time and is a very special book that is beautiful and quiet without any literary pretense or fireworks. You may know Josh from his many appearances on various book group and literary blogs. Since you've tried author phone visits in the past, you may want to see if Josh is available to do one. He does them often, is very engaging, and his book has much to discuss.

My favorite book group recommendation of 2008 is REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. OK, the book came out in the '60s, but has gotten renewed attention because of the movie that just opened. The movie reviews have been lukewarm, but let me tell you, the book is simply brilliant!

I hope this is helpful. I'd love to read about how your group goes about choosing books. Do I understand correctly that you are choosing for the entire year?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? I think that would be a good one.

Kristen said...

I hope this comment isn't too late! I just got home from travelling... Here are a few ideas! I think Outliers would be great for discussion. My bookclub will be reading The Shack soon, and we just read The Book Thief (also a good discussion starter). My family book club just read Thunderstruck (good, but very historical). Netherland is getting a LOT of press (but I haven't read it yet). Hope these suggestions help! :)

Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog said...

I recently read Who By Fire by Diana Spechler, and I think it would make a great book club pick. My review is here. I second Kathy's suggestion of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and I also think The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry makes for great discussion. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your help.
I will let you know what we will be reading this year.

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