Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy B-Day To Me

Since I don't have time to post tomorrow I thought I would post today. I usually am not home today but I have my first test in A/P. I am sooooo nervous. This is a basic course. I took it many years ago. I am probably working myself up and sweating it( Don't sweat the small stuff) too much. I had asked for the day off to study.

So, you are probably asking what are you doing now behind the computer when you should be studying. Good question. I thought I would communicate to my blogging friends. On top of it it is my b-day tomorrow. I have to have sometime for myself to enjoy since I can't enjoy anything tomorrow.

I have my test tomorrow and class, YUCK!! and I would like to spend some time with my son tomorrow but I have to work. How horrible to work on my b-day!!too. And then Tues. Wednesday and Thursday I have classes. i won't have time to even celebrate on my actual b-day. Don't feel that sorry for me on Wednesday I have only one class and then I can celebrate with a group of my friends that evening. It just would have been nice to spend the day without working or school and having some fun with my son.


bermudaonion said...

Good luck on your test and Happy Birthday to you.

Jo-Jo said...

Well it sounds like you are a busy lady! Best of luck on your test and enjoy your birthday! I was going to add your contest to my blog but I see it ends today...sorry about that.

Debbie said...

I 2nd the thought....good luck on your test (it's over now, whew) and happy birthday to you!! Hope it was a good day.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!

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