Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prohibition: The Big Joke Research Paper

Hi everyone, If anyone is wondering what happened to me I survived midterms. Now I can celebrate with spring break. My last assignment was a history paper.
I decided my argumentive paper would be on the prohibition. I just loved researching and finding out about the 1920's. I wish I had spoken to my grandmother and grandfather about this time period. It always seems you don't appreciate it until it's too late.

I was able to fit in a paragraph or two about F. Scott Fitzgerald and the prohibition and how it ties in to the prohibition.

My argumentative statement was: The 18th amendment was not taken seriously. The Anti-Saloon League put the pressure on the political parties. This caused the formation, and increase in crime, mobsters, gangsters, bootlegging, the speakeasy,corruption inside and outside the U.S. government. The title of my paper is called: The Big Joke: Prohibition from 1920-1933.

I found some great websites to visit about the flappers,the women's movement, and the writers( the lost generation), the cultures and events of the 20's, the mobsters, gangsters, and gangs.
If interested you can visit here or here

Teachers must not expect as much from students like they used to. I have written a paper twice for history class. Each time I always had a cover page for my reseach paper. Not one other student did. I know I am much older than these younger students. But I take pride, I worked very hard on this paper why not put a cover sheet and staple it together. I have never heard of such a thing. I know this is petty, but handing a paper, to a instructor with out it being stapled is just lazy. To me it is not finished until the extra step with a cover page and a staple or a report cover is on there. It just urked me. What is the big deal going the extra mile. Things have most definately changed. I remember when I was in college before it was mandatory that a cover sheet and a report cover was on the paper.
Maybe I am too old to understand this.

I would love to hear from other teachers what they expect from their students. Is this just laziness on the students part, or do the teachers not expect this any longer when they do research papers?? Love to hear.

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