Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Teenage Girls and Their Parents

I would like to share with you a mass email I received from the author of, My Little Red Book. I am a great advocate for this little book because it educates, the young teen age girls.

I shared the reason this book is a powerful tool for young teen age girls in a earlier post. There are just some mothers that don't want to talk to their teenage daughters. Or that the girls are ashamed, embarrassed or afraid to ask their parents or their doctors questions.

This book is great. I am a great believer that EDUCATION IS POWER!! A sample of the book is being packaged to young girls in starter kits getting their first periods. What a great idea.
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My Little Red News

Here are three lessons that I’ve learned in May so far:
1. Vaginas are shaped like flattened sleeping bags.
2. Talking about periods is great. Watching people talk on screen about periods is equally great!
3. People in other parts of the world want to read
My Little Red Book, too!

Mull over the first tidbit, and celebrate the other two! (Or all three..) The film rights have just been handed over to a talented young documentary filmmaker who will be interviewing actresses and activists this summer. So if you know someone who has an incredible stage presence or is Sarah Silverman, please get in touch with me!

I also want to share with you some cool news regarding using MLRB as an educational tool. Tampax and Always have offered me the incredible opportunity to include a short excerpt of the book in the millions of first period kits they distribute to fifth grade girls every year. The message and spirit of My Little Red Book is something I want to share with all girls, not just ones who are able to buy the book, and this a perfect way to do it. I think this partnership with FemCare is particularly cool because there is no money involved—it is simply a meeting of the minds. They want to make periods cool just as much as we do.
Last week, I visited the FemCare headquarters where I was delighted to meet a whole office of people who are equally desensitized to all things menstrual as I am, and got to understand the science behind tampons, strings, liners, and what the world of difference between a “pad-woman” and a “tampon-woman.” My greatest period-dork wishes have been fulfilled.


Red lady-Bonnie said...

Susan, I was so glad to see your post on your other blog directing your readers here. I was worried as your other blog couldn't be accessed and I thought that you had closed down. Good luck with the new blog! I'm adding it to my google reader.

Susan's Literary Cafe said...

Bonnie, Thank you for your concern. Hope to get back to it asap.

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