Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moveable Feast Luncheon with Mary Kay Andrews

I am looking forward to tommorrow's Moveable Feast with Mary Kay Andrews. The moveable feast is a luncheon with a author. It is hosted by Litchfield books in Litchfield, SC. It is in a exclusive club call Debradew.

Litchfield books doesn't have the big name northern authors for these events. They have local authors. Sometimes they have well known southern authors. This year there were a few I would like to see.

Who do you choose, between Dorthea Benton Frank or Mary Kay Andrews, Alice Monroe. It was a toss up between them, Mary Kay won for now. Sorry, Dorthea I hope to see you on the road if you come to Myrtle Beach this year.

If you don't know who Mary Kay Andrews is you can visit her website or facebook.
I wrote her on facebook and it was a treat. I think of authors as movie stars unaccessable. I forget most of them are just like you and me. It is just wonderful that a author writes you back through email or facebook. I am touched and thrilled.

Mary Kay Andrews has written:

Little Bitty Lies
Hissy Fit
Savannah Breeze
Deep Dish
Savannah Blues

I read one of her earlier books called Hissy Fit. I did not hate it but I did not love it either. I read Fixer Upper and absolutely loved it. It grabbed me right from the start to finish.

Chick-Lit, my defination is a book about girl has some personal problems, girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, they have a situation break up, then get back together and live happy ever after.

I am not sure this is considered a chick lit. The book does have depth and character and suspense, comedy and mystery. I called this a "Chick-Lit" when I started it. I realize now it is not a clear definition of this book after I finished it.

I read a review from another blogger she did not consider this chick-lit. I thought to myself what is she talking about. After I finished the book I realized I was wrong. The book definately is much heavier than romance and chick lit.

I will be writing a review after my luncheon with Mary Kay Andrews probably over the weekend.

Addendum: I just found out that Pat Conroy is doing a book signing that I would like to go to if I am not too busy in September. But I MUST,MUST, see Anita Shreve. I started reading her with a book club I joined at least ten years ago, called Weight of Water. I read most of her books but the last few years I stopped till I read Testimony. Now she seems back on track. I just recieved a ARC from Miriam at Hatchett books. I hope to attend the Moveable Feast.


Marie said...

I'm not familiar with Mary Kay Andrews but I hope you have a great time at the lunch.
I was lucky enough to have dinner with Dorothea Benton Frank at a library conference a year ago, more or less by accident-she was a hoot. I hope she comes back to your area soon- and mine! :-)

bermudaonion said...

Sounds like fun - I hope you get to go.

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