Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week Meme

The Book Blogging Appreciation Week Meme has it own site this year. On the site it asks the questions if you participated last year. What was the highlight of BBAW. What new blog did you find because of BBAW? What tips would you give to new bloggers? My answers are below:

The highlight of BBAW was that I received so much traffic on my blog. I just started blogging only a few months ago. I did not have many other bloggers coming to my blog at that time,this was perfect timing.

I was having a giveaway but there was not enough traffic coming. But, because of BBAW, there was so much publicity about all the giveaway this improved my giveaway.
Then I was able to get more traffic on my blog because of the giveaway.

I had met so many bloggers and new and old because of BBAW. Because of Amy there is fellowship in the book blogging community. There are bloggers I would have never met over cyberspace.

There are so many new blogs I discovered I can't name just one I discovered.

The only tip I would give to a new participant is join in all the activities. Check in daily to see what is going on. BBAW is the greatest time to get your blog known through BBAW because all the publicity, and the link to find other bloggers and making new friends.


bermudaonion said...

I'm really looking forward to BBAW this year, because it was so much fun last year!

Beth F said...

This will be my first BBAW!

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