Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday David

I would like to wish my son, David a happy birthday he was nineteen yesterday. We celebrated his birthday( my friends, and my parents)at his favorite restaurant, Asian Fusion.

It is a oriental restaurant that serves Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai etc. Of course they serve Sushi. My son loves the Sushi. It took me a long time to get accustommed to the taste. But now I am used to eating it.

David had sushi, called the Godzilla roll. I wish I took a picture of the presention. It was so beautiful. It looked like a lizard. My girlfriend, Gayle and I shared a California Roll. It was very good, clumsy me I am just learning to use chopsticks. I did ok for a novice of a year. Still can't get the fingers right.

The dinner was so yummy. I always try to have something different. I could not decide on a thai dish. I went with Chinese, so original right. But it was still awesome. It still had a spice to it, but could not tell you what.

My friends, Gayle and Amy had a Thai dish. They had Pineapple Fried Rice. It was nicely presented with the skin of the pineapple shell. it was cooked in the pineapple. The juices enhanced the flavor.

I don't post on my personal life but rather on books. But since this will most likely be the last time I spend with David on his b-day. He will be be sent to boot camp in the next 8 months. I wanted to keep my thoughts on my blog.


bermudaonion said...

Happy Birthday to David!

Anonymous said...

Kathy you are so sweet. You are probably the only blogger I know no matter what leaves a comment. No matter if it is about books or personal life. It means alot to us bloggers.

Marie said...

happy birthday to david!

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