Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. She has been hosted this event before I started blogging a year ago. I would like to thank her. I enjoy reading other bloggers and readers books that come in the mailbox. I am excited about the books that came to me this week.

I am fortunate a smaller mountain arrived this week( joke between my son and myself). My house has been taken over by thes mountains of books. Luckily it seems to have slowed down a bit. Thank goodness.

When I pass away they will never find me because my books will hide my body. It is pretty bad. All kidding aside, I have to stop taking review copies. I am so flattered when publicists send me books. I don't know what the N-O word is.

This is what I recieved this past week:

The Condition by Jennifer Haigh

Thank you Book Club Girl for a copy and hosted Blog Talk Radio each month. I have been wanting to read this one since it came out. I read Mrs. Kimble her first and it was marvelous.

The Seamstress by Frances De Pontes

This is another one that Book Club Girl is hosting for her Blog Talk Radio. I have been wanting to buy this one over a year ago. Just too many books. But when Blog Talk Radio announced this book, I knew I had to participate.

I would like to Thank Book Club Girl for all that she does.

In Hovering Flight by Joyce Hinnefeld

Thank you Caitlin from Unbridled Books

Well, What did you get in your mailbox this past week??

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