Monday, January 4, 2010

Ringing In The New Year

What a way to bring in the new year with frigid, and I do mean frigid cold weather. For those of us from the north, will say it is not cold at tempertures at 30 degrees. But those of us from SC we usually don't get weather like this. The weather is usually in the 50-60 degrees.

It is a early wintery cold weather. The weather usually doesn't get cold like this till the end of January, and then it is brief for a day or two than it goes back to pleasant weather. But, we have been told not this time it should stay like this for 10 days. I feel bad for the Canadian tourists that come down for a few months to getaway from the cold weather. But, some of them laugh it off and say it is worse in Canada.

It is so funny to see people in scarves down here and coats. For the first time I think I am going to buy a coat this year. I don't usually buy a coat because the weather will only be like this for a day or two. Something tells me it is going to be a long winter this year. We even heard we may get snow!!

So, what is the weather like where you are and how are you holding up??

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