Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog Posting, and Life Changes

I have not been posting often, because of life changes that will be happening soon. Between moving, which has been postponed now for a few months. David, going to boot camp in the upcoming month( April). Last, but not least, going to school. This has been quite a challenge already for the the first and second of the year.

I am a single mom, with a only child. It is going to be hard to let go. He will be going to boot camp in April. He has been my rock to lean on for support at times. When I can cry on his shoulder, lean on. He is a great handyman too. But, the best he is he is a great son, and young man. But I have to let go sometime.

I have already seen great changes in him in the last few months. This will be a good thing. When he comes back for vacation he may actually learn to do hospital corners and learn to wash/dry/fold clothes.

Now, for my first exam on the second half of Anatomy and Physiology. I took my first exam on the blood and the heart. I did very well I passed with a "A".

But, for my practical and my last test I did not do well. I thought I studied but I took things for granted. Thought I knew how the tissues looked on the lung and the vascular system. But, I did not.

Then for the exam I studied for the exam on the lung and the vascular system(arteries and veins). I thought I understood it. I understood the concept but when I had to break it down and explain it on the exam. I couldn't. For example I understood the breathing of pressures, but when I had to explain what comes first I couldn't. To understand how and why it happens but explain in detail was a problem.

I think I just have too much on my plate right now. I don't think I should have went to school right now. But, I did and there is nothing I can change. I will have to hope for the best.

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