Friday, June 19, 2009

Controversary Over Michael Jackson's Death-A Bit Late

Another delayed post this was is from last year after the death of Michael Jackson.

Speculation and contraversary of Michael's death. Always seems to be something with every thing he does.Why did they wait so long to call 9-11. The medications that were found in his house. The prescription drugs are very powerful. The medication has to be administered by a licensed physician with a specialization handling this drug.

I have my suspicions surrounding his death. I have a nursing background. I am no longer a nurse. Licensing could have changed. But what I know is if the toxicology report does show in his blood. Then the doctor that administered it is suspect. The drug has to be administered by a specialized physician in a hospital with special training and equipment(IV,oxygen,etc). If this is what happened there will be changes in medical practice and more control by regulating this kind of thing to never happen again. Not sure if it can be controlled because the rich and famous and powerful usually get what they want.

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