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Shutter Island

I saw Shutter Island this past Friday. It was great despite the movie reviews I saw on the internet. It starred Leonardo Decapio, and Ben Kingsley. It was directed by Scorsee.
I enjoyed this movie. If you like Hitchock movies. You would like it. I went to see this movie with a friend and then with my son, David. I don't want to tell you about the movie because it will ruin it when you go and see it.

I will tell you it takes place on a Island on the Boston Harbor. It is a Psychiatric Hospital for the criminally insane.

It has a gothic feel to the movie.I liked the music. When I watched it I thought the music was fog horns but it was the music. If you like suspense with twist and turns you will like this movie. I also thought that DeCapio now looks his age of 35. The only thing, I felt like if it was not for the twist and turns of the movie, it felt like what was the point. But I did enjoy it for the mystery and suspense.

I did not read the book. I can't compare the movie to …

Snow In Myrtle Beach ??

I have not been around lately because of a falty computer. But the other day I broke down and bought a new one. It is a touch computer, and wireless, it is awesome with the help of my son.

In other news, in Myrtle Beach it actually snowed here. Myrtle Beach, Bi-Lo marathon is held each year on Valentine's weekend. This year it was cancelled.

I felt bad for the runners in the marathon. Some of them came from long distances. Like always the town freaks out, when the hear snow. Many of the runners still ran even though it was cancelled.

The runners train for about a year, then the expense of coming here for long distances. Oh, well the runners did not seem to angry just disappointed that this happened. We will just have to watch next year.

It was great to see snow. I have not seen snow seen I moved here from Ramsey, NJ. We would get plenty of the white stuff with ice. But here, it looked like a white wonderland. It was just beautiful to look at.
This is a snowman, David my so…