Favorite Novel as a Young Child

Random House Readers Circle, posed a question today, and I started thinking about the books I have read since I was a book worm, and how my tastes have changed.

This is the first book I remember reading as a 16 year old. I have to say my tastes have changed.  When I was a teenager, I loved to read gothic novels. Penmarric had a impact, because I can remember it was a 700 page novel.  Since, then I loved to read romance. But, luckily my tastes have changed to literary style novels.  During that time, I would read Victoria Holt, Susan Howatch, and other gothic, victorian romance novels, then I switched to romance.  Now, I look at a Harlequin, or Danielle Steel with distate.  How I read those novels back then.

Here is a bio on Susan Howatch : a British novelist, has given the world some great books over the past 30+ years.
First there were her family sagas: Penmarric, Cashelmara, The Rich are Different, Sins of the Fathers, The Wheel of Fortune.

Random House, also asked what was your first novel as a child you can remember. Did you like or not like the book? I remember reading, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms. What a wholesome book.

But, my two favorites were Charlotte's Web, and Pippy Longstockings.

As a young child, I remember Snowy Day as one of my favorite picture books.

What do you remember reading? any favorites? as a child, or as a adolescent?

Happy Reading, leave your comments. Would love to know.


My favorite book as a child was The Diary of Anne Frank along with Helen Keller. I read those books over and over again!!!

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Shawn said…
My favourites were the Narnia chronicles. Later I moved on to the Lord of the Rings.
Marie said…
The first novel I read, that I can remember, is THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. Love!
As a youngster I remember 'Harriet the Spy' being my favorite book of all time. Of course then I had to be a spy! I think that set me on a life long love of mysteries. I liked the gothic mysteries as a teen and now I love all mysteries, thrillers, police procedurals but mostly vintage mysteries with Mary Roberts Rinehart probably being my favorite. But I enjoy lots of other genres also.

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