Monday, February 13, 2012

Forming New Book Club

After great thought,  I decided to start another book club. Are, you crazy you asked?

I am not happy with the other book club I am active in. I was busy one year, I almost never did attend the book club meetings.  One person made the rules.

The club decided we don't need a leader to decide the administrative decisions. Each person is suppose to take a turn to pick a book, and lead it for the month. But, lately, it seems like it is the same people, including myself that decides all the time. I am thinking they don't want to read the book twice.

  The other problem, people who are the host don't know how to lead and take an authoritative role, such as you are straying off topic.

Then we have one person that used to be active. She no long comes regularly. Which is a good thing.
 But, when she comes she takes over the entire group, talking about her issues.   No one says anything, I am not sure why? She is very rude, abrasive, and head strong. But, she does do many things that help all of us, in the Jewish community. So, no one says anything to offend her.  But, many of us, are disgruntled, and upset after.

The other, is there is a group of ladies that live in a certain area, you would think this would have ended in high school. But, these ladies, hang out together, socialize with their husbands, and agree with one another. A Clique, they discuss this around all of us, during a book club.. Some of us are not involved and we feel isolated. If the shoe was on the other foot, I wonder how they would feel.

The other thing, the book club picks, lately tend to read books that are mysteries. You can only talk 5 minutes about a book, and then it becomes social hour.  I don't want to waste my time, and gas to go to a book club where we discuss the book 5 minutes.  Rather, literary books, are literary mysteries would work. But, not mysteries.

I finally came up with a idea, I asked some of my friends, acquaintances if they would be interested in a book club, not Jewish themed. All the people I asked are interested. Yahoo!, can't believe this one. Because when I tried to form our last book club, I was like pulling teeth. I got 4 people. We thought after awhile it will fold. It was difficult keeping together, with only 4.

I have recieved 8 responses and everyone I contacted was interested, a blessing. We decided on our first meeting on March 26th at 1PM. Now the hard part was the book. Yes, we are not reading Jewish books, but occassionally we will. I was hoping for Alice Hoffman;s Dovekeeper's but decided for the first meeting we want it light, and not too long.

Drum roll please....... we decided on Postmistress by Sara Blakely, by one of the other prospective members.

The only, thing, I was planning to drop the other book club. But, because the book club was a success in Febuary, I don't want to leave. It was such a lively discussion, I decided to see what happens and see. Now, believe it or not. I am in 3 book clubs.

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Marie said...

good luck with all those clubs!

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