Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Book Club Event: Paris Wife

This month I combined both book clubs and organized a book event,  at Waterscapes in the Marina Inn.

With 15  members and non-members in attendance.  Local university professor, Michael Campbell from Coastal Carolina University, was our guest speaker.

Professor Campbell when I first got in touch with him. I could tell he would connect with our book group. He seemed very down to earth.  He even told me, he would like to conduct the book club as well as speak to our group.  He spoke to us, not at us. Not on a intellectual level, but on a friendly level.  He was very open, and I don't think anyone fell intimidated by his status, as a professor.

I had prepared for the book club, and did all the work. I made up my own questions. I then realized I did not have to prepare.  Oh well, better to be prepared then not. I was hoping that we would get to some of the book club questions, but it would have been too long.

We had a couple of people that were school teachers, and academics.  There was a time they were debating about Hemingway's writing style.   Is he a man's writer?

Then the question, which is why suddenly is there a interest in the era of the Jazz Age? Many books and movies are coming out for that time period.

Of course we spoke about Hadley loosing Hemingway's work. The end of his marriage, would you have put up with what he did? Having his mistress live in the same house?  Strange, and they thing 2012 is racy.  The same things come back over and over again, just a different time period.

 Hadley, and Ernest's came from totally two different back grounds.   Hadley's family was suffocating, and sheltered.  She was shy, her nose in a book. 

 Ernest's mother dressed him like a girl. This makes you wonder about his larger than life stereotype.  Do you think that is why he lived life so manly, and dangerously.  When you think of Hemingway you think of Africa, and he's safari's, and fishing on his boats. He was larger than life.

I was so antsy, I wanted to bring up, and finally got my two cents in. I am a feminist, and what Hadley had to put up with. I would not be able to take it.  Sit back and Hemingway take all the credit.  She supported her husband, emotionally.  When they went out, Hemingway, and his associates would talk in their group. Hadley was left in a circle with the wives in the corner talking about nonsense.  She was a intellectual and was looking for stimulating conversation.

One thing, I don't understand. Paula McLain, the author told a audience that she loved and admired young Ernest. I don't get it, there isn't anything I admire.  She said, he was sentimental, and would often get he's feelings hurt.  So, but that doesn't mean I would fall in love with young Ernest. He was self centered, selfish, a alcoholic, etc.....

I would like to thank Professor Ennis for connecting me with Professor Campbell. I would love for him to come back again, and so would the rest of the group.  Everyone had such a great experience.

I wish I would be able to post pictures, but my friend Carrol, the photo guru was sick, and unable to make it. Luckily she is better now, and she will be able to take pictures the next time. The only picture I could find was from the University website.

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