Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tiny Book with Powerful Message

The Secret Sense of Wildflower
by Susan Gabriel

First off, I love to read books  that take place in 1940's Appalachian Mountains. When the author asked if I would like to review, I jumped at the chance.

Wildflower is the nick name given to her by her father. He recently passed away, from a sawmill accident and she, and her family are still mourning his death. Wildflower is the youngest, at 13.

 Wildflower's originally named, Louisa for the characters in Little Women. Her sister's are named from the March girls, Jo, and Meg, etc.

Wildflower, and her family have lived up in the mountains for many generations, and passed down.
They are dirt poor, without inside plumbing, with a out house included. Wildflower, has a secret sense when something is wrong.

On the anniversary of her father's death she visits her father's grave. She encounters trouble, and she senses something. Her intuition is usually right. There, at the grave she encounters Johnny Monroe.
He comes from a uncaring father. He recently lost his sister, Ruby from suicide. His mother died years ago.

 I am not going give out any more, for fear of ruining the story.
The story, is about healing, faith, g-d, the secrets you keep, and eventually tell, and  the love of family.

The only criticism I have. The author was telling the story about Johnny, and Wildflower.
She Jumped from the attack of Wildflower, and Johnny and jumped to the death of her father that happened a year ago. It interrupted the flow, I am wondering why?

I think a straight narrative instead of going back to her father's death. The author could have set up the father's death when she is setting up the story.

Reading a story from a young adolescents voice was a change. Reminded me  of reading, another book,  Searching for Cee-Cee Honeycutt, which I enjoyed.

While reading, I did my own research on the Appalachian culture.

I  enjoyed reading  It is not a happy tale, it is not light reading. but it does have a powerful message.
I would not recommend if you are going through hard times.

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