Monday, May 27, 2013

Don't Go: Great Book to Read during Memorial Weekend

Don't Go
By Lisa Scottoline
Review copy give by publicist

I would like to thank Lisa Scottoline for writing this story. It is a tribute to the men and women in the military. I have not read her books in years. When the opportunity came up to review by the publicist, I grabbed the chance.

The author and publicists are giving me a couple of autograph copies of her novel to give to the Long Bay Symphony golf tournament, Fiddler on the Green. So, I thought I could not resist to ask if John would like me to read and review, I am glad I did.

Recently there are books discussing in novels about military life.  I am glad they are bringing up and honoring our troops.

I have been reading so many literary novels, I need a break after our book club read such a sad and deep novel, Reliable Wife.

The novel, Don't Go grabs you from the start, and doesn't let up. This is a perfect beach read, and great to read now for memorial day weekend. I could not stop reading, it took me all of two days to finish.

Beside being a beach read I can see topics brought up in a book club.
1) lonliness, and isolation. Coping with loved one leaving for military
2) coping with civilian life after discharge
3) how do you come to terms with children don't know who you are after years of service
4) dealing with rehabilitation -coping
5) family vs. serving your country
6) life before service and after and occupation. Using your military status to sell your self. etc. The list goes on. If you read the book I am sure you can come up with your own questions.

This is the story of Mike Scanlon, a podiatrist surgeon, and his wife, Cloe and daughter Emily.  Mike has to return to the United States to bury his wife. He thinks to himself, it is not be like this. I am suppose to die, not her.  But when he is notified that he's wife died in a freak accident, Mike starts asking questions.

He then returns to Afghanistan to finish his tour of duty. Then he is asked to do a second tour. But is thinking about family vs. his country. He breaks down and decides to do another tour. Would you do that knowing you baby girl has no mother.

  During the second tour Mike is tragically wounded and he's arm is amputated. How can he do surgery now, with a missing arm.   During the time he is in Afghanistan he learns he's wife must have been having a affair, you see the autopsy shows she was pregnant. But, that is impossible because he has been in Afghanistan.  Certain things don't add up.

He starts doing he's own investigation of the circumstances.   During the investigation, Cloe's best friend is coincidentally murdered while going grocery shopping. Mike doesn't believe she was singled out.  He thinks she knew something, and someone was afraid she would tell.  To top it off his daughter doesn't know who he is. Because he has been gone since she was born.   Then the other problem, is being able to go back to work in his practice. Mike is so happy to go back to work, but they only want him as the token surgeon that served in the military and use him to market a surgical boot.

 There is so many twists and unexpected turns through out the book.  I did not suspect a thing, or think certain people were involved.  This was a good story to escape in during memorial weekend.

But also it is a good book to think about and bring up questions about military life vs. family life. Civilian life vs. military life. I don't read a beach read with fluff. It has to have meat to it and ask something and think about and ponder.

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