Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review on the Best Comfort Shoe

I don't usually promote something like this. But, I have to tell you that Jambu shoes are wonderful. They have done right by me. In the last few years, I have had medical issues with my back, hips, and my feet without resolution. I am going to have to give you background information leading up to this post.

 I have gone to doctors, orthopedics, podiatrists. Nothing seemed to help the pain I was in. I had bought Sketchers, for work. I later learned that was the worst thing for my feet and hips.  But, of course no one tells you that you are suppose only wear them for a couple hours.

I was having trouble getting out of my car, and into my car.  By the way, I was only in my early 50's. At the time I thought this was normal getting older. But, later learned this is not the case. 

My hips were hurting me. I did not know why. Then most recently I was in a car accident. I didn't know if this exacerbated the problem. Before the accident.   I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  There isn't any definitive test, but just assumptions.  

I went to a podiatrist who told me the best thing is orthotics. Not everyone is the same. I tried it for two years. Then finally realized my feet felt alot better without them in my shoes.  I  did some research on my own online about shoes.  I looked at so many shoes, I had to get rid of all my beautiful high heels, and chic shoes and now, to go with comfort. But, you can find cute shoes that are comfortable, that do have style. Just not the sophisticated shoe I used to wear.
Now, this past year I tried so many shoes, between Naot's, Sketchers,Orthoheels,,New Balance, sneakers, and then it was getting so ridiculous looking at shoes with the gimicks. Shoes with springs.

I then saw a pair of Jambu shoes, I was skeptical. How can a pair of shoes like these have good support. Believe me, they do. They don't look like they would hold up. But they do. I work nine hours a day at Walmart, and they hold up. I don't like spending alot on shoes. But, my Grandtmother used to tell me, shoes are the most important thing. Clothes don't give you comfort, they give you style. But, shoes are the most important. 

Now, the shoes are very flexible and you would wear them to the beach. They have alot of cushion that you feel like you are walking on air.  Here are the shoes I bought last year. Believe it they hold up. I was just diagnosed with Congentive Disc Disease. With severe back pain at times at work, getting in the car, out of the car. I still have the problems, but less severe.   I then last week bought a Jambu, sandal I just love them.  Both of them are so comfortable. 

I am not suggesting you to go out and buy them right away. Not every shoe is right for each person with the same back and feet problems. I should know, I went through alot trying to find a good pair of shoes.  

One other thing, I would like to suggest, are socks. I bought socks from Dr. Scholl's, Health Strides Tri-Zone. They are terrific. They are for working feet. I never thought they would do anything. But, boy with my Asic sneakers that I also bought recenty for my feet problems they are a good combination.

 The socks I bought from Walmart. But, unfortunately they don't sell them there anymore. But, you can buy them on Amazon. They are a bit more. But, it is worth it.  One other thing if you don't know this you can get deep discounts at Amazon when you buy online. You just have to keep watching. 

Both these shoes were priced at $100. I just waited it out till the price dropped. Both of them I saved quite a bit. The other shoes that I bought recently are Dansko's and Clark's both sandals. I love these shoes. But, like I said before each person is different. So go to the shoe store and check first before buying. I am not a doctor. I am a retired nurse. This is my personal taste. I am so glad I found my Jambu's. I just bought another kind yesterday, and plan on buying one one more pair. I can't rave enough about them.  I hope I have helped someone. There are shoes out there for everyone. Don't give up hope, You just have to be patient. 

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