Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Nursing Profession-Blame Game

For the first time in a very long time, I am standing up for my profession. I would like to praise Nurse,Theresa Brown RN for her article on CNN.  I left nursing years ago, burned out, and became a Stay at Home Mom. I have been out of the profession for years, I left in 1990.

But, it sounds like from the article about that it is still the same. The blame game, doctors, and the medical establishments want to blame someone, so it is the R. N.
It is a shame that nurses are not recognized for the care of the patient, it is still the M. D,  The registered nurse, is the one that stays at the hospital, and monitors the patient care, and it is their licence that is on the line when something goes wrong.

When I was a registered nurse in early 90's I remember nurse's were getting sued left and right, and blamed for poor care, when it actually was the doctor, who should of been blamed. The nurse is actually the one, that protects the doctor from mistakes being made. By double checking the doctor's order, and co-signing the order. But, of course the doctor, sees it as you are questioning his care. If you claimed neglect, it was known in nursing circle's that other nurses wouldn't go to court and back up your character, and neither would doctor's.

I am happy to see that nurses can now speak out. Years ago, you never head a nurse speak out about the nurses, and the profession. Thank you Theresa Brown RN.

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