Friday, April 24, 2015

The Girl You Left Behind: Book Review

The Girl You Left Behind
By Jo Jo Moyes

I read The Girl You Left Behind for our book club. I was unable to attend. So, I can't tell you what was discussed. But, I can tell you that everyone enjoyed reading.

This is the first novel I read by this author. I have heard wonderful things about her. My expectations were very high coming into this book. I wanted to love this book. I love modern historical fiction, especially WW1-WW2 era.

Sophie Lefeve is left running her restaurant, Le Coq Rouge. While her husband Edwourd, a painter  is on the frontlines. The Germans have over run her town, Perrone. The Kommandant orders her that she must feed his soldiers each Monday evening. She has no choice but to do what he asks. She gets along with the Germans which turns the stomach of the townspeople. They think she is collerborating with the enemy and they turn against her.

While in his company at the restaurant he admires the self portrait that Sophie's husband, a painter has done.  Shr remembers how much the Kommandant admired the painting. She gets in her head if she can trade the painting for her husband life, not all will be lost. She travels to the camp of the Germans to influence him to release her husband. But all doesn't go as planned. After she leaves, later on she is taken prisoner. The townspeople and her family turn a blind eye to Sophie. They don't want anything to do with her.

Now turn the clock forward to modern day England, 2006. Liv, a young widow has lost her husband. All she has left is a painting that her husband bought for her in Spain on their honeymoon. She falls for a man that she doesn't know works for investigation team recovering lost, and stolen art during the war.He finds out she has the artwork he has been trying to locate for a family.

The parallell narrative was interesting how it played out. Both of them were strong women characters when they had to. Sophie though, was the champion. She fought tooth and nail for what she believed in. It was interesting to learn about the lost, and stolen artwork that was stolen during WW2. What families did to get their families heirlooms back. What happened to Sophie and her husband, Edwourd. theThe other players, that were involved with the Girl You Left Behind. How it went from different hands, and how it eventually ended up with Liv, and her husband.

For a superficial story it has some depth. But, the story was drawn out a little bit too long for my taste. I will still read her previous novel that I have been hearing about.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Giveaway- Every Fifteen Minutes

Every Fifteen Minutes
ByLisa Scottoline

Thank you St. Martin, John Karle
for a galley copy

I have a book giveaway on my blog starting today Wednesday and ending next week on 5/1 of next week. . Just leave a comment, and you will be entered into the drawing. I will announce the drawing on Thursday. Thank you St. Martin Publishing for donating a copy for the giveaway.

Lisa has done it again, even better than her previous novel.  Her novels just get better and better.

Dr.Eric Parrish married to wife, Caitlin, and Daighter, Hannah. Is respected  Chief Psychiatrist in a local hospital. He's psychiatric unit was just listed as number two in the country. Life is looking up until recently.

He's wife is seeking a divorce,and wants to make life difficult for Eric to share custody for their daughter. He's personal and Professional life is going down the tubes. You think it can't get any worse,  WRONG!. There is a young, pretty medical student. That is accusing him of sexual harrassement. Next Mr. Perino's wife is  accusing Eric of misusing his authority to sedate Mr. Perino(which actually was another doctor). The board has decided to relieve him of his duties for now, and he will be on suspension till every thing is cleared up.  Now, it isn't just he's personal, professional life, but now he's reputation is on the line.

In the meantime, a fellow doctor has asked Eric to see a patient that is dying of cancer. The dying grandmother is concerned about her grandson, Max. She wants Eric to help  Max before she passes. Max can't handle he's grandmother's grave illness. He has anxiety, OCD, obsessive obtrusive thoughts that he can't get out of his head. These rituals must be done every 15 minutes.

 Max is missing. Eric searches for Max. He goes way and above the call of duty. He is a gluten for punishment. Why is he bothering?? He can't tell anyone what he knows as this is patient doctor confidentiality.

The other part of the story, from the opening chapter, Lisa's novel opens from the prospective of a socialpath. I was a psychiatric nurse, and she hit it right on the head of the details of a mentally disturbed person. It was so creepy, but true. You think you know someone, but do you really?? When you go to the store, to school, to work, at your church or synagouge do you know if that person is going to snap??

If you think you have it all figured out by the end of Every Fifteen Minutes. You are WRONG!! There are so many twists, and turns.  Well, guess what you don't. While reading Every Fifteen Minutes, I saw this as a movie the entire time.  I hope they buy up the rights for this one. I just loved this book, and you think about the characters after reading. Lisa, did her homework. This is a winner. If you want to read a book that takes up your entire day. I suggest you grab a copy today.  Every Fifteen Minutes was certainly a pleasure to read, not a chore to finish.

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