Sunday, November 13, 2016

2 AM at the Cat's Pajamas

2 A. M. at the Cat's Pajamas
By Marie Helene Bertino

I had picked 2 am at the Cat's Pajama's for our book club. I was surprised what the book was actually about. I had thought it took place during the prohibition of the 1920's. What a shock that was. It started talking about a cell phone. That was such a disappointment. I expected the book to be quite different. Well, I kept on reading expecting it to get better. Unfortunately, it didn't. I liked the premise of the story about a little girl. But, then there were many more different characters that didn't jive with the story. The interconnecting characters just didn't connect well.

The story is about Madeline a young little girl. Her mother passed away. Her father was going through a lot of torture after loosing his wife. He couldn't relate to his daughter. He's daughter was getting in trouble in school for different things. The last straw was lice in her hair. The principle kicked her out of school.  Then the community became involved with Madeline since the father was so devastated about his wife's death. Which has already been quite awhile. We meet the owner of the Cat's Pajamas. The club is in trouble for violations. It will soon be closed up. Then one of Madeline's teacher. Has her own man trouble.

I had trouble with the father. I had no compassion for him. You pull yourself up and do it for your child. He had no sense to get over it. It was quite stupid in my eyes. Your children come first.

The end of the story is when Madeline sings at the club. That is when all three characters connect to each other. I am sorry it didn't do anything for me. The writing was too simplistic, and childish. The book each chapter went with the hour of the day and the character. I did like how the author changed the time. If only I liked the story.  I was  disappointed. I expected it to be different. More about the father-daughter relationship.

Oh, well you can't have everything. Hoping the next book for book club will be better. It is actually my fault. I picked it. Just like every book. Or book club selection. You are not always going to like it.
The most hated books are going to be the ones that are great for discussion. Most everyone  didn't like this book either. Not many read the book.

 Our next book club is a latke party for December. We are reading" A Man Called Ove". I have heard a lot about this one. They actually adapted it to a movie in Sweden.

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