Saturday, July 15, 2017


So unhappy about my book blog...My book blog is over 11 years old. It has been a hobby. In the scheme of things to most of you. Think it is not a big deal. Not, when I had this gorgeous custom book blog designed specifically for my book blog.  I won't tell you the work and sweat and tears to save the money to re-design my blog.

I now, have to migrate, and consolidate all  my posts from Susan's Literary Cafe from 11 years ago. The sad thing is most of my book blog followers don't know I have moved to Bagels, Book, and Schmooze.  I will need to re-build my following again. That will take a long time.

 My graphics are being held for ransom at the Photo bucket for $400. The web designer, Lea Christine refuses to help me. She never made it known to me that she was hosting all the graphics at photobucket. Unfortunately I have no recourse with the web designer. Because the web designers are not regulated. There are not any laws to protect us. Luckily, my other blog had only one problem.The other designer for my other blog, Lori, has helped me.

I am hoping my target date for my book blog to be back in action in about a month. Please have patience. My new location is Please have patience.

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