Thursday, April 19, 2018

Susie Does It Again- Old Post

Add another one to Susie Fishbein's cook book series. Kosher By Design, Passover By Design, Kosher by Design Entertains, Kosher by Design, Short on Time, Kosher by Design; Kids in the Kitchen.
This time her cook book is on healthy recipes. Her new cook book is called Kosher By Design; Lighten Up. Also in this edition she has a dietician that gives advise on foods to eat that are good for you and foods to be careful with.
She has it broken down. What flours, Fish, Grains, Oils, Sugars, Seeds and Nuts, are healthy for you and what it can do for your food intake. For instance brown rice vs. white rice. Did you know sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin C, and contains antioxidants, and vit. E. Gives you advise on gadgets to have in the kitchen, entertaining ideas which gave me a few ideas for my next temple function.
I was a Sisterhood Programming Chairman for our Shul for the past two years. Too bad this cookbook did not come out till now. Boy, I could have used this a year ago.

The recipes some of them are easy to follow to complex. There is a recipe for Honey Oat Challah. What I liked was that it gives healthy advise why whole grains are important to your body. Did you know that people that eat whole grains are less likely to develop Diabetes Yype 2, and less chance to become obese. Very interesting.
Some of the recipes I did try White Portobello Pizzas, Thai Chicken Soup( my son is 18 yrs. Old). my son was the Guinea pig and loved how they came out. Some of the recipes are good for the whole family. Other recipes are for entertaining and less for the family dinners.

The Photographs of the final products are just beautiful. She really knows how to make a nice presentation. They are mouthwatering recipes.

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