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Review: Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper
Mary Kay Andrews

Fixer Upper is a about Dempsey Kilebrew,she works for a high powered firm that leads to a polictical scandal. Dempsey's boss is forced to close up shop. Fires Dempsey because of the scandal. She looses her job, her reputation, and her name, she can't get a job in D.C.

Dempsey escapes to Florida to visit her father. He is recently married to Pilar, a trophy wife with toddler twins.

Mitch has a idea. He has inherited a house in Guthrie,Ga from his Uncle Norbitt. Forget the problems in Washington, DC. Go to Guthrie, Ga. Fix up Birdsong and then sell it.

Dempsey doesn't realize she has a squator, and her dog Shorty living in the house since her Uncle Norbitt passed away. Even though Dempsey father owns the house she refuses to leave.

Alma is very critical of Dempsey. Telling her how to do things. Everything that Dempsey does is not good enough for her. Even though she is a squator Dempsey does not tell her to leave. Possibly because Dempsey feels sorry for her.

When Dempsey first meets (the house) Birdsong, the hedges are so high you can not even find the house. The house is peeling pepeto bismol pink paint.

Dempsey fixes up the house from assistance of the townfolk. Everyone seems to know everyone's business. Dempsey is independent and does do it with chutzpah and gumption. I just love her independent character.

In the meantime Dempsey, hires a lawyer Carter to help her with her legal problems.
The FBI, find her and want to set up her ex-boss. She does not agree immediately, she realizes this is the only way to get her reputation back. She is wired and it is all caught on tape.

At the end when her ex-boss gives her the money. The FBI captures her ex-boss and lets Dempsey leave without taking the money from her. Dempsey asks what do with the money. The FBI's answer is WHAT Money.

Dempsey takes in Alma May and her dog, Shorty. Alma May becomes concerned about Dempsey's well being. That is when you realize she is a softy and she cares about Dempsey and visa versa.

Shorty becomes ill and Dempsey drives them to the nearest Vet. Hosp that is a few hours away. You start seeing that Dempsey and Alma May start having compassion and concern for each other. After this episode they drive back home. Shorty has to have stiches taken out. A few weeks later, Alma May lies to Dempsey and says she is getting a ride to the Vet. Hosp. But she wants nothing to do with Dempsey and tells her she is getting a ride from someone. But, a snowstorm is brewing.

During this time Dempsey goes in to Alma's room and find all the furniture that belonged to her family in her room. She finds a picture and relatives. Dempsey finds out the connection of Alma and her father and her Uncle's house.

In the meantime Dempsey realizes that Alma May, takes the Catfish out without her knowledge(that is what they call the old car). After Dempsey realizes what has happened. Dempsey drives to find them. She finds them on the side of the road, with Alma pretty badly hurt.

I loved all the characters especially Alma May's feistiness and Dempsey becomes more independent. She learns to fight for herself. The way, the author sets up the story is so southern. The town of Gunthrie, Ga knows everyone's business.

The Fixer Upper was a book I enjoyed very much. I usually don't read "Chick-Lit".
This caught me from the first sentence. The family, the friendships, mother-daughter relationship, father-daughter relationship, and HOME and family roots, and home roots was the themes of the story. Dempsey fixing up her life, and her house from the inside out.

I have a friend that likes the same kind of books I like. I don't usually reccommend this kind of book to her but she is down in the dumps, and having personal problems. I thought this was a feel good book and a pick me up kind of book.I thought this was a fun and upbeat book, It made you feel good.

I Reccommend this highly if you are looking for something to make you laugh and get away from it all.

I did get to meet the author, Mary Kay Andrews. I will let you know my thoughts about her at my next post.

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