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Up: The Movie

Up, the movie. has to be one of the best movies I have seen. Yes, it is a children's movie. But the movie is made for all kids at heart. It was a joy and sentimental.

It is the story about a old man that looses his wife. He is about to loose his property too. But he has a idea. He decides he is going to do what he's wife wanted since they were children. He takes himself and the house on a trip.

The rest of the story you will have to see it for yourselves. This movie is just magical. It might be sad for small children. You will have to judge for yourself.

My son,and I went to see the movie. Pixar, are the greatest in graphic detail. I just love to see movies that are CGI. My son, David has a hobby in graphic design. He enjoys seeing movies like this. I have seen many movies in CGI, but Up has to be the best.

I will give it a 5 star for story and graphics. It was just great for children and adults alike.

Mail Box Monday

Thank you Marcia for hosting Mailbox Monday. Every Monday I look forward to reading other posts about the books they recieved in their mailbox.

This is what I found in my mailbox last week:
Belong To Me By Marissa de los Santos thank you Book Club Girl
The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews thank you Literary Feast
Last Night Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe thank you pocket books from Sarah
Rosetti Letter by Christi Phillips
Devlin Diary by Christi Phillips
How to Buy a Love of Reading by Tanya Egan Gibson

I just love getting packages. Federal Express had to have left four at a time last week. But my books were starting to dwindling and now it is starting to rise again. I better start cracking those books again.

I Missed It, My First Blogaversary

I can't believe I missed it, my first blogaversary and I missed it. I knew that it was on the same day as the book club we are organizing. But for some reason it just went right over my head.

In honor of my blogaverary I am giving away The Flavor Bible and for a added bonus two other books. For information you can go to my previous post of last week.

Good Luck!!

The Proposal: The Movie

I went out to lunch and to the movies with my friends. I have not done this in awhile because I work. I forgot how much fun it was to hang out with them. Before I went back to work I would go out with them often. But because I work now, I just don't have time for it.

I wanted to tell you about this movie, called The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds. It was a great movie. I expected it to be a chick-flick with alot of fluff. Which I hate. I loved it. I was laughing out loud. It was roll-over on your seat and can't stop laughing. I laughed and cryed at times. But I loved it. I would give this ***** stars. Last week, I saw Life in Ruins and it was mediocre. This was great. This was a great day out with the girls.

About a book editor, that is hated by everyone in the office. Her boss tells her that she is about to be sent back to Canada till she has a brain storm of a idea. The brain storm is to influence her assistant to play a long. Get married and then a qui…

20 Boy Summer: Book Review

20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler
Young Adult
Little Brown and Company
290 Pg.

From the back cover:
According to her best friend Frankie, 20 days in Zanzibar Bay os the perfect opportunity to have a summer fling, and if they meet one boy every day, there is a pretty good chance Anna will find her summer romance. Anna lightheartedly agrees to the game. But there's something that hasn't told Frankie-- she already has that kind of romance, and it is with Frankie's older brother, Matt, just before the tragic death one year ago.

Beware there are sex scenes.

Frankie and Matt are brother and sister. Next door Anna, has been friends for a long time with Frankie and Matt. Anna become more than just friends with Matt. They decide to keep it secret. Matt plans to tell his sister the next day when Frankie and Matt go on vacation. Unfortunately, Matt dies the next day.

Then after that there is alot of emotional upheavals to deal with after Matt dies.
Frankie is still good friends with Anna. The …

Controversary Over Michael Jackson's Death-A Bit Late

Another delayed post this was is from last year after the death of Michael Jackson.

Speculation and contraversary of Michael's death. Always seems to be something with every thing he does.Why did they wait so long to call 9-11. The medications that were found in his house. The prescription drugs are very powerful. The medication has to be administered by a licensed physician with a specialization handling this drug.

I have my suspicions surrounding his death. I have a nursing background. I am no longer a nurse. Licensing could have changed. But what I know is if the toxicology report does show in his blood. Then the doctor that administered it is suspect. The drug has to be administered by a specialized physician in a hospital with special training and equipment(IV,oxygen,etc). If this is what happened there will be changes in medical practice and more control by regulating this kind of thing to never happen again. Not sure if it can be controlled because the rich and famous and …

Book Giveaway Plus A Bonus

I can't believe I started my blog on 6/22/2008. I have posted 144 entries.
I started blogging because of my book club. To put announcements and blogging about our book club meetings. The members in my book club read books of course. But they do not have the passion about books like I do. I had many people to discuss books with up north in NJ. But here they read the book, and discuss the story. They do not discuss the style and the sentence structure, themes in the novel etc. They just don't get as excited about books as I do.

I decided to blog for a different reason to connect with the book blogging community.
I have made some friends in the community. But I don't have the time like others because I am in Nursing school. I don't do many reviews, or leave comments, or memes, or book carnivals, or in giveaway. But I do write about bookish news, and books coming off the presses that I do get excited about.

I started reading the blogs with with Book Club Girl, and …

A World I Never Made:

A World I Never Made by James LePore
The story opens with Pat Nolan recieves a call from the French police to come to France to identify the body of his daughter. He leaves the U.S. to go to France to identify the body. He realizes it is not he's daughter.

He realizes something is wrong. He lies and says that it is his daughter. He goes to search for his daughter. There are alot of clues thrown at him. The clues point him to a convent. Where he is told that he's daughter was pregnant and had a baby. The baby he is told is left outside the convent in the cold to the elements. The baby died. This does not make sense to him. The story goes back and forth in present day with her father's prespective telling the story in 2004, and Megan's story a year before.

There is a love story and emotional guilt felt from the father. This will be explained as the book gets more intense. Pat feels alot guilt and shame how he treated his daughter and and wife. He feels it is …

Book Signing-U.S. Holocaust Museum

If you live in the Washington D.C. area and and will be going to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington this weekend. There will be a book signing, I Remember Singing, a children's biography about a holocaust survivor, Hugo Schiller. His wife, Ellie will also be in attendance at the museum.

please support this wonderful children's book. It is a biography about a Holocaust survivor, Hugo Schiller. I don't want to blog to much more. That will be written at another time. I wanted to tell you about this book to spread the word. My friend self-published this book so any of you bloggers are reading this. You all know how hard it is to get recognized in mass book market. You can also purchase it at

Product Description
"This I remember was very special about Hugo; he sang for the little ones to comfort them when they were scared and missing their families."Alice Resch Synnestvedt, Rescuer of Jewish children during the Holocaust. Hugo Schiller was seven…