Friday, July 23, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

Thank you for the surprise award from one of my fellow bloggers at Caroline's Bookbinder. The award is called Cherry on top award.. It is given to a person they feel has a special touch to their blog. I am very grateful that you feel this way.

List 3 things you like about myself are:

I am very good about getting up on my soap box.
I like my hair, it is curly and wavy and kinked up in the summer months
I can laugh at myself at times.

 I would like to pass the award to 5 fellow bloggers:

                                                                               Boston Bibliophile
                                                                       Every Day I Write The Book
                                                                                Literate Housewife
                                                                                   Bermuda Onion
                                                                                   Jewish Wishes

The only picture I have on my computer that I like at the moment because my other computer went down is:
This is a photograph that I took for a school project. It is at a store in Myrtle Beach. It was so fun to remember those clothes and styles in the 60's. What do you think of the bus? LOL!!! After all I recieved a "A" for the school project.


bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on your award! You made my Friday by passing it on to me!

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe said...

I am glad it made your day.

Marie said...

Congratulations and thank you so much! :-) That's very sweet of you.

Jew Wishes said...

Congratulations, Susan!

Thank you so much...I will pay it forward in a few days.

Gayle said...

Thanks so much for the award - I really appreciate it!

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