Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Book Club

We met yesterday for our monthly book club. We have a couple of snow birds join us. What a treat it is to have new blood energize our book club each year.

We discussed the book, The Good Daughters by Joyce Maynard.  I was a bit late arriving because of school. But, what I gathered everyone enjoyed reading the book. I have been raving about Joyce's books since I read both of them.  I am so glad everyone enjoyed reading her latest book.

 I did not have time to read the book again. I could not remember much from the book since it has been quite awhile since I read it. You can read my review at my blog here.

One member, did some research and found out that the writer, JD Salinger( author of Catcher in the Rye) had a affair with Joyce during her college years.  Bohemian life, flower child, free love in the 60's.She summed up the reason for Joyce's book, thinking she had such a scandalous life, it shows in her novels.  I don't know about that, I just enjoyed reading
her books.

I am not sure if I agree with our book club's rules. We have to read the book before recommending it. I don't agree. Because, then you have to read the book again. There are many books out there.  But unfortunately, I have not read any to recommend.

Our snow bird recommended, Dinner with Anna Karenina. She actually know the author personally. We will be reading in March. Not sure if I will like since it is under the genre, romance. I will let you know next month.

In April we will be discussing Dara Horn's novel, All Other Nights.  I am so excited that we are reading this novel. I wanted our book club to honor her for donating two sets of books. This is a nice way to do this, by reading and discussing her novel.

 Bookreporter.com brought up a few months ago if anyone has brought in the discussion about the e-readers. I thought never would our book club even discuss that. Since most of our members are of the above 60 crowd.

I was wrong, the discussion was brought up, who has a E-reader, and which one do you own? What is the difference between all the other readers?  I found at least 4 members have one. It is slowly infiltrating our discussion group. This was a great discussion. We told everyone we each would bring our at the next meeting.  It was discussed which is better the Kindle or the Nook?

We discussed the differences.  My reason for the Nook was the technical support at Barnes and Noble. The Kindle, you don't get face to face contact.

 The only thing, I find is that the books are a bit more money.   Next month, we all our bringing our electronic devices to our next meeting.
 I think it is just so funny, that it is infiltrating our book club. I did not think it would.

 I don't like the electronic devices when I am reading a book for the book club. I  find I don't have the patience to find the page and highlight.  It is too tedious for me, and time consuming. Reading a book for enjoyment is one thing. But taking notes is still the best finding the physical page, and writing it on sticky notes for the book club.

What do y'all think??
Happy Reading
Susan of Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe

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