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I Don't Read Romance: Review Alert

Sweet Salt Air
By Barbara Delinsky

My own copy ebook.

I love the title Sweet Salt Air. When I was younger and I visited my grandparents summer home, in Nantasket Beach, in Mass, I remember the smell of the salt air.  It had a distinct smell, and taste that would get under your tongue.

 The novel brings back memories of the beach. What wonderful memories.  The sight, sound and smells of the ocean. The culture of the area, the foods, the people that lived there.

 My grandparents bought their summer home with my uncle. They bought a parcel of land, and built two homes one was my uncle, and the other was my grandparents.  They built their property back in the 1930's.  The homes were built was wrap a wrap around porch, and shutters, and the squeaky screen doors, and the green rocking chair.  There was a daven my grandfather used to take a nap and read each day in the afternoon.

The home had no basement, their wasn't any heat or air conditioning. There was a toilet, and a claw tub …

Sandcastle Girls: Book Review

Chris Bohjalian
The Sandcastle Girls

Complimentary copy from publicist.

Chris Bohjalian seems to be spreading his wings in other genres lately.
From ghost stories, to historical fiction.  The Sandcastle Girls, is his novel that is very personal, and close to his heart, his Armenian heritage.  Since Mr. Bohjalian has written The Sandcastle Girls, he has become the spokesperson for Armenian Genocide at conferences, in Washington D.C., etc.

I did enjoy his earlier novels, the first comes to mind is Midwives. I loved his novels that had to do with social discussion. Those novels were jumping off points for discussion.

Unfortunately, Sandcastle Girls I did not connect to the character.  The story was interesting at certain points, and drew me in. But, then I would disconnect. I did not like the third person narrative, or the romance it was too predictable.

 But, the historical background I did enjoy reading.We were getting a history lesson through fiction. That is my favorite part. The Tu…

Wow!!! Golem and the Jenni

The Golem and the Jinni
By Helene Wecker
Complimentary copy by Harper Collins

Wow!!! I am blown away by this amazing novel. I can't believe this her debut!!!!

I can't stop RAVING about this after reading.  I know I will not be able to read anything for weeks after this. Nothing will compare.....

The Golem and the Jinni, is one post I want to do justice.  This is the best book I have read in years.  I said that last year about Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  Truly after you read the post I hope you run out and buy it.   Any book that is unique and different in its storytelling, has won me over from the start.

This unique story is so hard to put in word. I had to think in days how to put my thoughts together.  Ms. Wecker has such a imagination. I wondered how come we have not heard from her before. Surely, this book is not a debut.  It turns out it is.

I am still thinking about this amazing book. How to post, and write about it after a week. I am still contemplating. I have b…