Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Tour: Second Star to the Right by Mary Alice Monroe

Second Star to the Right
By Mary Alice Monroe

This is not my typical review, but I am excited about telling you about Mary Alice Monroe's revised, and updated novel. If you love magic, fantasy, mixed in with fairy dust, than you will fall in love with Second Star to the Right. This is not a typical MAM novel. If you go to her website you will find what inspired her to write it.  This is a wonderful book that will make you believe in miracles and magic during hard times, and not so hard times.

I never did read Peter Pan. But, saw the movies, over and over again. I remember as a child two versions, of Peter Pan. The one version was not animated, it was played by Larry Hagman's mother( sorry I can't remember her name). The other was the Disney Version( my favorite).  The Disney version is my favorite.                                                      

The Second Star to the right is part magic, part family relations, romance and sprinkled with fairy dust.

 Faye O'Neil and her children Maddie, and Tom were living in the United States. Until the physical abuse from her husband became unbearable. Faye O'Neil, and her children, Maddie, and Tom left the United States and came to Apartment 14. 

Downstairs lives a physics professor, Jack.  Jack is handsome, and tries to make the moves on Faye.  Both of them are attracted to each other.  Faye fights the urge, but Jack keeps on trying. 

 Upstairs lives Wendy, and elderly lady that thinks anything is possible. She believes that Peter Pan will be coming to her window. The children come to visit Wendy every chance they get.  The children also see flickers of light in their bedroom, could it be?? Tinker??? or something else. 

  Then there is her straight laced daughter that doesn't believe in magic. She fights her mother anyway she can. Her daughter decides she wants to sell the apartment house and put her mother in the nursing home. Wendy tells her daughter if you do that, Peter Pan will not find me.   The children go missing? What happened to them?? Faye goes frantic. Is is possible???? What do you think??? Then something happens to Wendy??? 

 I don't want to tell you the rest because I will ruin it.  Just believe me that this is a wonderful, and a magical story that makes you believe anything is possible.  I just love how Mary Alice Monroe put the story together. 

I did not know how this story was going to link up with magic and reality. MAM does a wonderful story.  When you finish the story you will understand why. It is so touching it makes you believe in anything. If you have had something tragic happen to you, this will uplift your spirits. 

I am so glad Mary Alice Monroe's assistant, Angela asked me to read this.  In fact this is a magical reason. I have been going through a hard time with my Mom and Dad with health issues.  Second Star from the Right is uplifting, and a story of faith. 

Thank you for allowing me to review and participate in Second Star to the Right book blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review. I need some magic this holiday season. Book on the way!

bermudaonion said...

I love Mary Alice Monroe's writing and will have to look for this!

Lorri M. said...

I will definitely check this short out, due to your review.

Susan Curtis said...

Kathy, If you love MAM's writing you will appreciate this one. I love the fantasy part, and the end hits with a ton of bricks, you will love.

If you have someone who is ill you will definately connect.

The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)