Thursday, April 10, 2014

Visible City: Book Review

Visible City
By Tov Mirvis
Very different kind of novel.  I have read other books by Tova Mirvis before.  I read Auxillary Wife which takes place in the Nashville Jewish Orthodox community.  This one is not anything like it. I recommend it to anyone that has lived in or has been in NYC.I could feel the pulse of the city in those pages.  I can relate. Anyone that has lived in the city, or visited would love reading this short book. Even though the book is short, is has a lot to say. 

The novel felt like you  are sneaking behind closed doors and peep holes into the character's daily lives. This is usually not my kind of book. But, it was wonderful.

 I felt like I was a sneaking into people's apartments without a key. This story takes place in Manhattan.  Nina is watching people through her son's binoculars. We go into people's lives of Leon, and Claudia and Emma their adult daughter. She is engaged and left school for now. Trying to decide what to do.

Nina's  husband Jeremy is a corporate lawyer. He is representing  a client that wants to tear down the apartment complex next door where he lives. There are so many different people that she spies I don't want to spoil anymore. Feels like the movie, Rear Window.  Enjoyed reading, even though I don't usually read character study. I am usually plot driven. Thanks for allowing me to review Tova. I was sent a copy by the author.

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