Friday, January 16, 2015

North of Boston: Didn't Work for Me

North of Boston
Elisabeth Elo

North of Boston, the title alone drew me in. But like they say, don't judge a book by it's cover.

The character's were well developed. The plot was good up to a point. The beginning drew me in.  Pirio Kasparov, is on a boat with her friend, Ned. She was thrown off the boat in extreme cold for hours.  Ned leaves behind his girlfriend, and he's son, Noah. She feels responsible for.Ned is never found again. After that is where the story just doesn't connect, and lost me.

She became a experiment for the government because she was able to tolerate extreme cold temperture for hours. She is the heiress of a perfume company. She and her father have relationship issues, ok, I get that. But, then the story becomes a whaling, envoirmental discussion, Her mother had died years ago. She discovers her mother had an affair, while she is trying to find clues about her friend's death.

 Now, she realizes who her mother had an affair with.  Her mother's lover holds a vial of perfume that was forgotten and miraculously shows up.  It just didn't connect with me.

But the characters in the story were well developed, and it was a fast pace novel, that made me want to turn the pages at first. But, like I said the plot didn't do anything for me.

I appreciate the author writing about the fishing industry, Boston( where my family is from), and the killing of whales that was a subject of debate years ago. I wish the story went another way. Because I think she had a good subject about the fishing industry. The writing was wonderful, and poetic, especially the last paragraph.

It looks like everyone else loved the book. I am sorry to say it didn't work for me. I would like to thank the publicist for allowing me to review.

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