Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hurricane Sisters: Book Review

Hurricane Sisters
By Dorthea Benton Frank

The multi-generations of Maisie, Liz, and Ashley have their secrets.
 80 year old Maisie(grandmother), is a sassy southern gal. Liz(mother), her daughter is involved in helping abused vicitims. Liz's husband, is fooling around with an old class mate of Liz's, from years ago. Ashley, the youngest of the family. She is in a relationship with a politician that causes serious problems emotionally for Ashley. Then between the family, Mary Beth tries to help the entire family. Then there is a secret years ago that has not been worked out between Liz and Maisie.

My Review:Author, Dorthea Benton Frank is from SC, specifically from Sullivan Island. Not far from my home. Anyone who is a reader, and lives in South Carolina. Is a must read from any South Carolinian.

The Hurricane Sisters, is the first novel I have read by this author. I really wanted to enjoy reading Hurrncane Sisters. I was very disappointed. I was expected more from this author's writing. But unfortunately, it didn't hit me. I expected more. I understand it is a beach read. But, even beach reads have more substance.  I  respect that the author was trying to write a novel about a social issue, domestic abuse, date rape, Also, mother daughter relationship. But unfortunately, it didn't grab me. I couldn't wait for the book to finish. This is the first book I have read in months. How unfortunate.

The writing is very simplistic, without depth of the characters... I don't like to be this direct.I am going to try one of her other books very soon, and see if this book was an isolated case.

Our book club read one of her other books, and they praised it. I was not in attendance. So, I was disappointed after reading this. I am going to try one of her other novels. Before making a judgement of her writing.

My rating:

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