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Settle For More, and More: Book Review

Settle for More
Megyn Kelly

My own copy

I didn't have any idea who Megyn Kelly is until the presidential campaign of 2016. She is a woman not to be wrestled with. She is feisty, hard nosed, and very competitive. This is how you see her on Fox News on the Kelly Files.

The memoir, Settle for More gives you a bit more depth of her growing up. It gives you intimate details of her life story. I don't know if I would share some of the very intimate feelings she shares. Some of the book comes off as a "self help", and a bit preachy. The reason I purchased the book was because of the presidential campaign. I was curious. There is not much about it only about a chapter or two.

I am really not sure why she wrote the memoir she is still young( 45 years old). She still has a lot more to say I am sure as her years continue. I don't usually read memoirs so that may be my issue. Usually author's of memoirs have contributed something. Megyn Kelly has not given anything back…

2 AM at the Cat's Pajamas

2 A. M. at the Cat's Pajamas
By Marie Helene Bertino

I had picked 2 am at the Cat's Pajama's for our book club. I was surprised what the book was actually about. I had thought it took place during the prohibition of the 1920's. What a shock that was. It started talking about a cell phone. That was such a disappointment. I expected the book to be quite different. Well, I kept on reading expecting it to get better. Unfortunately, it didn't. I liked the premise of the story about a little girl. But, then there were many more different characters that didn't jive with the story. The interconnecting characters just didn't connect well.

The story is about Madeline a young little girl. Her mother passed away. Her father was going through a lot of torture after loosing his wife. He couldn't relate to his daughter. He's daughter was getting in trouble in school for different things. The last straw was lice in her hair. The principle kicked her out of school…

Empty Mansion

Empty Mansions
By Bill Dedman
Paul Clark Newell Jr.

If you thought you heard, and knew the story of Hugette Clark.
 You should check out the book, Empty Mansion.
It was written by a man who was playing a game when he was searching for a new home for his family in Connecticut. He didn't realize what he stumbled across.  By chance he was NBC investigative reporter, Bill Dedman. The investigative reporting is on NBC website

I bought Empty Mansions because of the synopsis on the back cover. Who would want to live the rest of her days in a hospital room? Well, Hugette Clark did? She left her mansion empty for 20 years till her death.

She was born during the gilded age to W. A. Clark, and Anna. WA was born in Pennsylvania. Then moved out west.  He dabbled in mercantile, gold, banking, mining, and then became founder of Las Vegas known as Clarke County today. He became US senator in Montana which didn't fly to well, He also was a railroad baron. He was worth billions of do…