Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Jewish Author Takes Home the Prize

The Booker Prize was announced yesterday for a author, that lives in England and the British Isles.  The Booker Prize website, has information about the winners of the short list and the long list and their books.

I am happy to post about the winner. The author is Jewish, yes you heard right a Jewish author won the prize.

  He has also written, previously, in 2003 "Kalooki Nights".  
The new novel,  Finkler Question was just published on Tuesday in the U.S.

  Since winning, the Booker Prize there is a lot of buzz out there. I can't recommend it as yet. I have not read it. But one of my blogging pals,  Marie, from Boston Bibliophile is reading it. I can't wait for her
 post .

I am going to, not walk but run to get this book. It is nice to hear a Jewish author to get recognition occasionally.   And, yes this book is about the Jewish experience in England.  I also heard that it is funny too.

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