Monday, June 4, 2018

Hellfire Club: Book Review

Hellfire Club
By Jake Tapper

Courtesy Copy: Netgalley

If you like a bit of history, political intrigue, and suspense and some twists.You will enjoy reading Jake Tapper's new novel. This is he's first attempt writing fiction. I will be reading more if he delves more into fiction. 

 I don't know much about McCarthyism, which is where the setting in time takes place in Washington, DC. The story sets up with a well meaning congressman. Who was not meant for the job. He was a teaching professor at a University. Then he, and he's wife move to Washington. He's well meaning father pulls connections for him to become a congressman. Where twists and turns happen right from the first page. He is invited to a party, then leaves. We don't know what happens. (All of a sudden. It has a Ted Kennedy feel). He finds himself laying on the ground. He must have been thrown from he's car. In he's car is a dead read head. 

Who is she? How did this happen? He doesn't remember being in the car with anyone. He finds himself thrown from the car. He's clothes all muddy. Then conveniently a man. Shows up and asked if he needs some help. He tells him,  he should dispose of the body.  A man he doesn't know. And that is just the beginning of the novel. 

I enjoyed the cameos of real people pop into the book. We have the Kennedy's, LBJ, Cohn( Who actually is Trump's follower in real life), McCarthy, Eisenhower, and many more that pop in the book. There is a secret society in government that we learn about called, . It was a secret society in England. The Hellfire Club which starts in England and is associated with Ben Franklin.( actually true history). There were some heroes, and some villains in Washington. Which I wasn't aware of. Such as Margaret Chase Smith, a senator from Maine. . She stood against McCarthy. .She spoke out with her, Declaration of Conscience.  

The book was a fun read. it was a feel good novel. When actually good people did stand up for the common good, and our country. I think Mr. Tapper was trying to convey that there are good intentioned congressmen, and senators that come to Washington hoping to do good. But then people compromise, and keep compromising until the good is no longer there..

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