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Lilac Girls: Book Review

Lilac Girls
By Martha Hall Kelly
Review copy from Ballantine Books

You may not want to read my review. I am very critical of people writing books about the holocaust period. I have read so many books on the holocaust. They all read the same. This is just another book about the subject. I read somewhere. As you get older books read the same. So to me the book was just another one

. I only read this one because we were discussing, Lilac Girls for our book club. It was very depressing, and sad. I had a difficult time getting through the book.

Though, this is the first time I am reading a novel about the holocaust. Without it being the Jewish perspective. In this novel, the people are non-Jewish, and the author is non-Jewish. It was the first time I read a book in this time period with the characters not being Jewish. It was difficult to read. . One part disturbed me at one point. When Herta had no problem picking through Jewish property That was owned by a Jewish family. I think that was it. I didn't like the book from there.

 The three main characters, Caroline Farraday, works for the American Consulate. Herta Oberheuser, a German doctor. Kasia Kuzmerick, a Polish teenager she works for the Underground Resistance Movement. These three characters lives eventually intercept. But, not till about 3/4 of the novel.

Caroline works in the American consulate who eventually learns about the SS experiments that are being done by Nazi doctors. The doctors do horrific experiments to the Nazi prisoners in a prison camp called, Ravensbruck.

The novel is quick moving. But, at times is slow moving. I struggled through the novel. There were times I wanted to say, enough. I can't read any further. But, because I am the moderator of the book club. I was forced to finish it. I couldn't wait to finish the book. When the end came. I finally felt thank g-d.

I enjoy reading historical fiction.But, this is one I didn't particularly fall in love with. Even though the story was fast moving.

 I always remember hearing stories of experiments done in the camps. I didn't realize to what extent. I never heard of stories of women called, "Rabbits". The experiments were done to the women prisoners legs. That is all I am going to say about it without ruining the story.

The book is based on true facts. The author was inspired by visiting the real life woman's home. Where she learned about her saving these women's lives. I know I will get flack about my opinion of the book. But, this is my opinion. As you get older and you read these types of books, over, and over. They all read the same.

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