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The Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination

The Exact Replica of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken.
This is one of my favorite authors. I read her previous book,Giant House.
I had wondered why I have not seen her work in a few years. The memoir explains.
From the the flap of the book:

A prizewinning successful novelist in her 30's. Elizabeth McCracken was happy to be a itinerant writer and self proclaimed spinster. Then she fell in love, got married, and continued her life of writting, traveling, and teaching with her husband. Two years ago she found herself in a remote
part of France, waiting for the birth of her first child.
This book is what happens next, in the next 9 months her pregnancy, a baby is lost.
Just over a year later, a baby is born. In a profoundly moving display of humor, heart,
and unfailing generosity. McCracken tells account t her story.
It is a story of true love and unfathomable sadness. It is a story of true of couragous recovery and bittersweet moments, of steadfast memories and deep affection. It is a s…

My First Challenge

This is my first challenge hosted by Alphaheroes
Blog hopping.
The challenge is a off shoot from myfriendamy's BBAW
I would love to meet new bloggers that I have not met before.
Look below and you will find the challenge rules.

Starting here, find a linked blog that you’ve never been to before. It does not have to be book-related. If none of the links in my sidebar are new to you, hit the BBAW list and start there.
Go to the blog you’ve chosen and browse through the posts until you find something you find interesting. Leave a comment. Mention where you found the link. Mention of this challenge is optional.
Using the links in THAT blog, repeat. If you find yourself somewhere that does not have any new-to-you links, go back to the BBAW list. Be sure to leave a comment in each location, mentioning where you found their site linked.
Repeat until you have visited 10 new blogs.
Write a post on your blog showing your bloghopping trail. Content is up to you; you can highlight your favorites, criti…

The Other Queen

Today's giveaway is from You may have a chance to win The Other Queen, plus ten Book Club Girl mouse pads. In The Other Queen, Gregory tells the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, who trusted Queen Elizabeth's promise of sanctuary only to find herself imprisoned as the "guest" of the Earl of Shrewsbury and his indomitable wife. As the seeds of intrigue and rebellion against Elizabeth are sown far north of London, her hosts find themselves in the precarious position of potentially aiding and abetting the plot against Elizabeth while Mary is struggling for her very life. All you need to do is to leave a comment on , which Phillipa Gregory book is your favorite.
I hate to admit I have never read Phillippa Gregory, or any historical fiction about this time period. I thought she was a romance writer. I later found out she isn't. I have read other historical fiction( bilbical fiction) and I find that the authors write one dimensional…

My Friend Amy: Daily Raffle #3


Book Club Girl is having another contest.
She is asking if you visit her blog to post a comment on
What book, made the place the character. The winners will get a mouse pad and copy of a new book called Nothing is Quite Forgotten in Brooklyn by Alice Mattison.
For me, there are a few books that do that for me. I will name a few.
One Thousand Splendid Suns, really gave you the feel of the culture and the people.
How women were treated by their husbands, and all men in Afghanistan.
The other was To Kill A Mockingbird, the character was Alabama. The sense of the towns culture in the 30's, 40's, 50's, and even early 60's.

My Friend Amy: Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2008!

How I Started, And My Favorite Blogs

I just started blogging since June. I have two blogs one was suppose to be for my book club.
But, unfortunately none of my members were interested. I decided I wanted others from the book blogging community to communicate with. I have not gotten much response. But, I just have to keep on trying. The one blogger that has helped me alot is bookclubgirl. There are some bloggers who I have left comments and are great. There are others who ignore me.
The other blog is Every Day I Write The Book, and recently Bermuda Onion. But, the one who was my inspiration is book club girl. She has helped me. She is trying to help me promote my other blog.
if no one is aware is another source to find other bloggers. Tricia, is the one who started it. The bloggers on are the inspiration not to give up. They are all welcoming. I have a technical question, no matter how stupid. They help.
book has really been my inspiration and told me never to give up. It is a s…


Here is a contest that can't be beat. Bethany at B&B exlibres is having a drawing for the book Matrimony. The drawing will be on September 22nd. This a great time for this drawing.
Because of Book Appreciation Week. He has nice things to say.
You can read what he has to say about book clubs. He has visited other blogs recently talking about book clubs.
You want to talk about dedicated you must read what his daughter and him were talking about
when it deals with book clubs. I would check it out. Then Bethany added more comments on
Matrimony. I would check that out again here. This post was written in June. This also has a nice video and lots of links to other blogger's reviews.

Up Coming Book Club

Our next book club meeting will be in October.
We will be reading Keeping the House by Ellen Baker.
This looks like a fun book by the looks of the cover.
My members will kill me because if they knew why I picked it, they will think I am crazy.
I literally judged the book by it cover. Maybe I should skip town till after all of them read the book or hide under a rock.
I will then be able to breathe a sigh of relief, especially by one of my members. I promised her this is a good book.
There are some book club members who don't like to do anything different. They just like to read and discuss the book.
I usually like to stir things up a bit. Have a conference call with the author. Lunch out with the girls have some connection with the book. Well this time I am doomed untill I hear from one of the most judgemental people in my club. Than I will feel better. I just hope the author is not reading this. This may scare her away. Our book club won a contest with the author with a conferen…

Book Contest Coming!!!

I would like to let you know about a contest I will be having soon.
Jen, from Book Club Girl has given me the heads up.
I have not been able to get any following on my other blog, Jewish Rantings. She has agreed to give me a few copies of a new novel by Diane Spechler, Who by fire. This will be in conjunction with the November book blog radio. You can visit me at Jewish Rantings.
Further details will follow. Let all your friends Jewish or not know about it.

I will give it a try

This is my firs time entering a contest. Dar, at Peeking Through The Pages is doing a book giveway for the book, Broken.
The premise of the book reminds me of " To Kill A Mockingbird". I loved the book and the movie so I will give it a try.

Blogger Appreciation Week

It is finally here. All of us that are book bloggers have been anticipating this coming week.
Blogger Appreciation Week. I did not think it would be a big deal. Over At My Friend's Amy's Blog, she started this whole project and I think she did a great job. She deserves around of applause. I will be listing all the bloggers involved with free giveaways below.
If you follow along for the festivities of BBAW at My Friend Amy, you will find many chances to win LOTS of goodies! Like what? Well have a look below. All of these things will be given away between September 15-19. There will be a huge variety of ways to win them and giveaways will be announced constantly throughout the week. So be sure to check in often!

A HUGE thank you to Hachette Book Group, Penguin Group USA, Harlequin, The B&B Media Group, Shera of SNS Blog Design, WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, Catherine Delors, Pamela Binnings Ewen, Andromeda Romano-Lax, Ceceilia Dowdy, Sormag, Book Club Girl, Savvy Verse…

Book Club Meeting Today

We had our book club meeting for the first time at Barnes and Noble.
It was convenient and everyone seemed to like it there.
All of us agreed to meet here again on October 22nd at 1P.M.
We had some business, and then some more business and then it was back to
We decided on a few things, do you remember, how crazy last year was with us. Participating in gift wrapping?? If you do, then you would agree that it is best to skip December's meeting. We decided to read something totally different, we will be reading Exile by James North Patterson. Since the book is 600+, We will wait to discuss it in January. In February, we will be discussing, People of the Book by Geraldine March. It is similar to" Davinci Code/Jewish Slant". We are hoping that Rabbi Debbie will be available to host the book club in February. That should be very interesting.
Our next book in October is Keeping The House by Ellen Baker. The author wi…

Hurricane Hannah, Or Was It!!

Hurricane Hannah was nothing but wind and little rain. It hit Myrtle Beach, SC around 1 A.M. The lights flickered on and off a few times. The electricity was off for about 40 minutes. There wasn't anything major. What a gype.
When we heard that it may possibly hit Charleston, SC on Tuesday. I was getting nervous. I thought I better get prepared.
Thursday morning, I went to the store to get esentials like water, batteries,flashlights.
As I was about to pay I read the newspaper, they were saying we will get wind and rain
I decided forget it. I am not buying a thing.
The evening it was going to hit, you should have seen the lines at the store.
Just for a SMALL STORM, THAT WASN"T!! People panic when they hear everything is closing. Because every thing closed down.
I was not going to buy anything because all the food spoils anyway. What's the point.
They closed schools, gov't offices, and all the stores. The stores were boardiing up.
How ridicolous. You see, I have been thro…