Friday, April 24, 2009

Myrtle Beach Fire

I am so ashamed of myself for not posting about the fire near my house. It was national headlines. Nothing ever happens in the sleepy town of Myrtle Beach. But we did now. What a terrible way for our town to get publicity.

Apparently the fire started in Conway SC and spread to Carolina Forest up to the highway on 31. It did not go pass the bypass 17.
The fire extended to N. Myrtle Beach to Barefoot Resorts( very expensive homes).
The fire from the wind may be going up to Nixon Crossroads, in Little River.

The fire they say is headed toward Nixon Crossroads. That is near my parents home. I can't get a hold of them right now. But I am sure it won't impact them because my parents live off Business 17. Nixon Crossroads is on the back roads heading toward Longs and Loris.

The bad thing is I noticed that the weather has been getting warmer here. The weather reports they don't expect rain in the next few days. This is awful for the folks still waiting to see if their house can be saved.

I can't believe I am the last person to know. I have been so busy with school that I did not have time to even notice what was going on. Instead I had my nose in a book.
I had contacted a author yesterday. He asked how was the fire going. I then realized the fire must have been pretty bad and made national news.

Wednesday night,I saw smoke rising on the horizon not thinking anything about it. Thinking ok it is a small fire. I never heard fire engines or any such emergencies.
Then David and I went to Blockbuster to return a movie. He said, oh my gosh there is a fire. I thought a small bush fire perhaps. Then the smoke was thicker and thicker as we were driving. I told my son it won't touch us. It is a small fire.
It looks like the fire is at Carolina Forest. But when we got home I am ashamed to say I never put on the news. I went back to studying.

This morning when I went into work and saw the headlines. Yes, it was pretty bad.
2500 people evacuated, 68 homes gone and many acres damaged. This afternoon I went into the fire station to reserve a room for our next book club. The secretary and I were talking and she told me that they think the fire started with one man on Saturday. The fire got away.

You see in S.C. you can start a fire outside your home. When I first heard of this when I moved here. I thought are they crazy. In NJ there is not such thing. You would be arrested.

Anyway the fire department thought they put out the fire. But on Thursday the other fire department suspected that the other fire department did not douse the fire enough and it spread to what happened on Thursday morning.

This is only rumor. I don't want to start anything but this is what I heard.
You can see pictures and the article on the Sun News.


Anonymous said...

We read about this today. We were so shocked. I hope it gets controlled soon and that you all stay okay!

Lisa said...

This is so scary. We've been following it on the news. Maybe it is a southern thing, but we grew up having bonfires in the fall months and people always used to burn trash. People don't do that much anymore for obvious environmental reasons, thank goodness. Hopefully, it'll be under control soon. I'm surprised there hasn't been a burning ban enacted due to the dry weather. Hope you all are spared.

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about all the bad fires in your area (and your right, in NJ you'd get in big trouble for starting a fire by your home!

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