Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Review: Golden Grove

Golden Grove
By Francine Prose

Golden Grove, is a story about a family tragedy and how each one deals with it.

In the first chapter tragedy strikes one summer. Margaret is the eldest daughter, she is the free spirit. Then there is Nico, the youngest and takes life serious.

Both sisters go to the lake one summer day. Margaret drowns in the lake while Nico is helpless and watches.

Nico narrates the story.  The mother drowns herself in medication.  The father slips away, at the book store.   Both the parents are self absorbed in their own sorrow they are unable to be there for her.  She has to learn on her own how to deal with the loss of her sister.  

Margaret had a boyfriend Aaron, Margaret's parents never liked. They both thought he had a screw loose. After Margaret's death, Nico and Aaron hang out together. Nico lies to her parents that she is going somewhere.  But she is really hanging out with Aaron.  They both like to be together to talk about Margaret.

One weekend the parents go away to Boston. The two hang out with each other. Nico start to feel there is something strange about their friendship. Because he wants her to put on Margaret's favorite fragrance, her shirt, etc.  Things start to become bizzare. She realizes it, and then decides she can't do this any longer.

The end of book wraps up from the time she is a adolescent to the present time.

My comments:The story was not just about dealing with her sister's death. It was growing up as a adolescent. Dealing with the yearning and desires of adolescents.  But it dealt with growing up with the loss of her sister Margaret.  I personally did not like the book.   But, I did enjoy the writing but not the story.

The one problem I had was the parents were really not involved in Nico's life after her sister died.. They left her on her own devices. I had a problem with that. I don't think any parent would do this to their child. Leave her alone to let her deal with her pain.  I was thinking of my child and I would let my child know I was there for him if he needed to talk. I did not feel this was happening.  The parents had enough pain, and they did not want to get close to Nico. Maybe afraid their other daughter died they were afraid it  would happen again.

I did feel like I was reading a young adult novel.  I could see this book on a YA book shelf.

I would like to thank, Gayle from Everyday I Write the Book, for hosting the online book club.
I would like to thank Book Club Girl, for sending this book several months ago.

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