Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hadassah's 100 Years Today

When you think of Hadassah, what comes to mind? If you are Jewish, you will know what I am talking about. Do you think, Henrietta Szold? Hadassah Hospital? ot Hadassah the Jewish Women's Organization?

The year in 1912, after returning from Palestine with her mother to New York City. Seeing the terrible conditions in Palestine. The poor section, not just Jewish, but Muslim and Christian.
  Henrietta, and her small study group at Temple Emanu-el in New York City,  formed a women's zionist group.  On Febuary 24, 1912, Purim(  a Jewish holiday), Hadassah was born.
If you know the Jewish bible, or if you don't look up the Jewish holiday Purim, and the story of Queen Esther. It will enlighten you the reason the group was named Hadassah.
This small group of Jewish ladies devoted their lives to promote, better social  conditions, and healthcare, and Jewish values,and ideas, in Palestine.
In the year 1913,  a philanthropist offered Hadassah funding to send two nurses to Palestine. To bring medical supplies, and medical care to Palestine. Rose Kaplan and Rachel Landy -- sailed with the Strausses on January 18. In March 1913 they opened an office in a rented Jerusalem house identified by a Hebrew and English sign that read "American Daughters of Zion, Nurses Settlement, Hadassah They saw 5000 patients that year.
Since then, Hadassah has been responsible in establishing Hadassah Medical Center, in Israel.. It is one of the most respected hospitals for medical research.  It is also responsible for educating women to advocate social issues, political issues, and medical issues..    To teach Jewish living through Jewish education, and programs through Hadassah.
Hadassah enhances the quality of American and Jewish life through its strong education and Zionist programs, which provide personal enrichment and growth for its members. True to our roots as a study circle, Hadassah members explore the many facets of Jewish history and culture through educational opportunities.

I am proud to say, a month ago I decided to become a lifetime member of Hadassah. It has been a long time of heeing, and hawing but I finally did it.  It is timely on Hadassah's 100th birthday.

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