Friday, May 31, 2013

Non-Fiction Post:BEA

I like to read non-fiction as well as literary fiction.  As long as it catches me, and raptures me, compels me not to stop. It has to be a book that reads like a novel.

Right now, I am reading  non fiction by Cate Lineberry, called The Secret Rescue.  It takes place in 1943, Europe. A group of medics and nurses are going on a routine pickup of wounded soldiers instead it doesn't become routine. They are stuck in Albania. Albania was invaded by Germany. This is where the American nurses and medics are stuck.  Will they be betrayed by the Albanians? Will someone tell?  Will the villagers help them to get into safety in Italy? This story was never revealed, it was considered classified.
Now you can tell why I am riveted by this book.

I don't read books that are business oriented, or self help. I can read in a text book or a magazine.

If I read non-fiction it usually, is historical, or medical, political. Something that grabs me. These are the books that are on my list, and on my ipad.  The Great Peal Heist by Molly Caldwell Crosby, Critical Care by Theresa Brown, RN, Crossing the Borders by Leslie Maitland, Eighty Days by  Matthew Goodwin,

The best book so far I have read this year is Unbroken by Laura Hilderbrand. It is the story of one man's resilience against diversity when he was captured and imprisoned in Japan during WW2. The same author that brought us Seabiscuit.  Both wonderful reads.

The one book I do recommend is the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. It reads very much like a novel, and brings up some questions about ethics, and medical history.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you come and stop by again. What have you read lately that is nonfiction that you would like to share with me?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Genre: Literary Fiction: Armchair BEA

This is one post I think I am going to enjoy posting and sharing with other book bloggers. I am glad that the organizers for this event decided to add the genre discussion. Because most of the events that I see out there are mainly YA, and fantasy, and romance.  I didn't feel I connected with anyone in particular.  I am glad to see this discussion was added to the Armchair BEA event. 

I am hoping after BEA that I will connect with other literary fiction book bloggers and visit their book blogs. 

I was a main stream reader for years until I joined a book club. The two book clubs I joined in New Jersey were literary fiction.  They were very serious readers. Sometimes I felt over my head. But, I stuck with it.  I learned so much from their discussions.  After that I was stuck on literary fiction.  Even when I read mystery, it has to be literary fiction.  Not main stream mysteries likes James Patterson, or Mary Higgins Clark.
Occasionally I will sneak in a beach read. Most beach reads though have to have substance. 

Most of my reading, I want to learn something, or something in the book can be discussed with other readers. It is usually a spring board with others to open up for discussion. 

Mainly I read literary fiction because that is the type of fiction my two book clubs read.  Only recently have I decided I want to spread my wings, and realized I like to read magical realism, like Night Circus.  I also dive into occasional non fiction, but it has to read like a novel.  Something that can be a spring board for discussion. These kinds of non-fiction can be medical, historical, political.  But not dry, and read like a novel. 

I just realized recently like I like to read a novels, that are to me called, "literary", historical fiction. Novels that take place in a different time and place, and mainly fictional characters. These kinds of novels, can't be dry, they have to rivet me and keep me drawn in for a while.

One thing that most people think that literary fiction has to be"dry". That is not correct.  Most books that I like to read, is story line.  I have a friend, she likes literary fiction. But, she likes character study. There are many different ways to characterize this genre. 

It can be character driven, plot driven. Some literary fiction is suspense and mystery.  Most people think literary fiction is very descriptive and wordy, and can be dry. Sorry folks that is not true.  The only thing I will say literary always seems to have a tragedy, and drive characters to strive for something.  There is never a conclusion, or a happy ending. You have to make your own conclusions what you think happens or will happen. 

These are the books that I recommend to you for literary fiction, some of them have a historical twist. 
Paris Wife by Paula McLain
Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy
Loving Frank by Nancy Horan 
Life Boat by Charlotte Rogan
City of Women by David  R. Gilham
Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman
On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jami Ford

There is one author that I have followed forever, and he loves talking to book clubs. He's name is Chris Bohjalian. He is just about to publish a new novel, The Lights in the Ruins.  There is also Jodi Picoult's, but I don't often read her unless our book club gets drab. To get us going again. Occasionally we add her to get our book club out of a rut.  Her books always have something to discuss.  Her newest novel, is Story Teller, a novel, based on a story dealing with the holocaust. 

Then there are a few that I recommend that are Jewish literary fiction:
Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg
The World Without You by Joshua Henkin
Jerusalem Maiden by Talia Carner

I am looking forward to reading The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell.
But there are so many more novels that are being published very soon. The publishers and authors are sending me galleys already for the fall season.  If you would like to see what else I recommend come visit me at my two book literary book blog at or my Jewish literary blog at, 

Here also is my new stack of books that have arrived recently before BEA and during.  This is like a kid in the candy store.   I hope you enjoyed my post, and come visit me again soon.  I will be looking out for you.

Arm Chair BEA: Blog Development

This post we are discussing blogging development.
I started book blogging about 5 years ago.  I moved from up north, specifically New Jersey, close to NYC.

New Jersey has a large area of colleges, and Universities that host cultural events of everything that you can imagine. Authors,  Margaret Atwood, from Sidney Sheldon, and James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark, which are broad list of genre.

I was very involved in different book clubs, and independent book stores, and learned what was hot and not.

When I moved here, specifically the South Carolina, I learned about what was important here.  Which in Myrtle Beach, there is not many culturally events. There is one local university that sometimes hosts occasionally cultural events.  In New Jersey, there was a vast supply of library books. You could always borrow any book from the library.  In South Carolina, there is limited funding of libraries, and culture.  It was eye opening to say the least. 

South Carolina is a poor state. When I was volunteering at my son's library I learned they were limited to funding of books. Some children did not have enough money for writting paper.  It is sad to learn what is important in the South, is different mind set of the north.

When I moved here I started surfing the web. I visited one specific book blog, Book Club Girl. Which I loved, and visited often. I then realized, hey!, I can do that too.  That is when I decided I wanted to develop my own book blog.

When I started I was of course a newbie. I was surfing all the time looking for ideas for my blog. I reached out to other book bloggers, and asked them questions.  I blog as a hobby, and tried doing other things with my book blog. But, it seems I don't have the time.  I was interacting with others.  But, the last couple years with school, and work I just don't have the time to pay attention to my book blog.  I don't surf visit other book blogs like I used to.  My book blog has become stale, and I think it lost its newness.  I hope to get it back on track soon. But, for now I am just happy posting my reviews, and interacting with the publicists and authors. 

Occasionally, I will visit other book blogs. If there is something posted and I can connect I will comment.  But, I don't go out of my way.  The only time I interact sorry to say, is Armchair BEA, which I look forward to every year. 

I have such a busy life, now that I just can't seem to find the time to develop my book blog better.  I do see other book bloggers schedule time for different events. I think that is awesome if you can fit it in your schedule. But, I don't have a set schedule to finish a book. My blog posts are scheduled when I finish a book. I don't schedule time restraints for books, and challenges. I don't have a calendar for specific memes or challenges.

My other dedication is my two book clubs that I organized. That is probably why I don't have the dedication to my book blog that I should. But, I am always looking for the next"Big Read", which gives me a natural high.  I am always reading and researching and learning about new books for my book club.   Then organizing new book events and ideas for my book clubs. These keep me quite busy.

I think I am going to re-connect with other book bloggers and try connecting with others again. I do miss a few memes I used to be involved with.There are a few  constants that have not changed, I  visit, Marie, at Boston Bibliophile, and Kathy at Bermuda Onion, and Lori at Jewilicious, and the Jewish Book Carnival.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Don't Go: Great Book to Read during Memorial Weekend

Don't Go
By Lisa Scottoline
Review copy give by publicist

I would like to thank Lisa Scottoline for writing this story. It is a tribute to the men and women in the military. I have not read her books in years. When the opportunity came up to review by the publicist, I grabbed the chance.

The author and publicists are giving me a couple of autograph copies of her novel to give to the Long Bay Symphony golf tournament, Fiddler on the Green. So, I thought I could not resist to ask if John would like me to read and review, I am glad I did.

Recently there are books discussing in novels about military life.  I am glad they are bringing up and honoring our troops.

I have been reading so many literary novels, I need a break after our book club read such a sad and deep novel, Reliable Wife.

The novel, Don't Go grabs you from the start, and doesn't let up. This is a perfect beach read, and great to read now for memorial day weekend. I could not stop reading, it took me all of two days to finish.

Beside being a beach read I can see topics brought up in a book club.
1) lonliness, and isolation. Coping with loved one leaving for military
2) coping with civilian life after discharge
3) how do you come to terms with children don't know who you are after years of service
4) dealing with rehabilitation -coping
5) family vs. serving your country
6) life before service and after and occupation. Using your military status to sell your self. etc. The list goes on. If you read the book I am sure you can come up with your own questions.

This is the story of Mike Scanlon, a podiatrist surgeon, and his wife, Cloe and daughter Emily.  Mike has to return to the United States to bury his wife. He thinks to himself, it is not be like this. I am suppose to die, not her.  But when he is notified that he's wife died in a freak accident, Mike starts asking questions.

He then returns to Afghanistan to finish his tour of duty. Then he is asked to do a second tour. But is thinking about family vs. his country. He breaks down and decides to do another tour. Would you do that knowing you baby girl has no mother.

  During the second tour Mike is tragically wounded and he's arm is amputated. How can he do surgery now, with a missing arm.   During the time he is in Afghanistan he learns he's wife must have been having a affair, you see the autopsy shows she was pregnant. But, that is impossible because he has been in Afghanistan.  Certain things don't add up.

He starts doing he's own investigation of the circumstances.   During the investigation, Cloe's best friend is coincidentally murdered while going grocery shopping. Mike doesn't believe she was singled out.  He thinks she knew something, and someone was afraid she would tell.  To top it off his daughter doesn't know who he is. Because he has been gone since she was born.   Then the other problem, is being able to go back to work in his practice. Mike is so happy to go back to work, but they only want him as the token surgeon that served in the military and use him to market a surgical boot.

 There is so many twists and unexpected turns through out the book.  I did not suspect a thing, or think certain people were involved.  This was a good story to escape in during memorial weekend.

But also it is a good book to think about and bring up questions about military life vs. family life. Civilian life vs. military life. I don't read a beach read with fluff. It has to have meat to it and ask something and think about and ponder.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Arm Chair BEA Introductions

I a have bitter sweet feelings right now. This comes every year. I am happy for the one's that are able to go to BEA each year.
I was so hoping to go to NYC's BEA this year.  But a chronic illness that was diagnosed for my son about a months ago prevents me from going this year.  I was so excited.  But, I guess it was not meant to be. Hopefully some day I hope to join all the other book bloggers that are attending.

The reason I would some day like to go to BEA is the connection of other book lovers, book bloggers, bibliophiles, publicists, and authors. .   It would be so wonderful to finally meet some of the publicists that I have connected with by email over the years. The hot buzz books this year, and meet the authors. The other to connect book blogs with the many faces of book bloggers. I am a shy person, so I don't usually reach out to other book bloggers. But, going to BEA I think would change that.

The only thing I have not been able to talk to the book bloggers that are mainly in my genre, which is historical fiction, and literary. What I see mainly are book bloggers in the YA, and dystopian genre.

I love BEA even when it is from cyberspace. The only thing I wish I knew how to do is twitter. Then I think it would make the experience even better from my chair.  I do have a smart phone, I have tried everything from youtube to help on twitter but it does not explain things to me.

Each year while BEA is going on from afar I find out what books are hot at BEA from the other book bloggers.  Then I do some research about the book.  If it sounds interested then I contact the publicist while BEA is going on. In some ways this makes me feel connected.

Here are the  questions that are hosted by Armchair BEA:

I just have to pick 5, but I think I may have already answered the  questions from above.

  • Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? 
  • My name is Susan, I have been blogging since 6/2008. 

  •   I got into book blogging because of my book club. I wanted to announce what we were doing without constant emails.  But that did not happen like I thought.  My book club instead evolved into something else entirely.  Then I decided to maintain two book blogs. One that  has not changed is Jewish literary blog, called   The other one is  But, it is not called by the domain name. It is Seaside Book Blogger. Which 

  • On a side note, I have been wanting to re-design my book blog to my domain name. But, the person I was working with, who was a computer website designer moved away. So, I am stuck with this one.  If someone knows anyone that can help let me know. 

  • Now back to the question.  I started voicing my own opinions about books, and surfing other book blogs. Then I was in trouble. I got the itch, and became addicted to surfing, and connecting with other book blogs, and book bloggers.  I realized there were people that were interested in what I had to say, so I am still here. 
  • Where in the world are you blogging from? Tell a random fact or something special about your current location. Feel free to share pictures. 

  • I am currently living in Little River, SC. It is a 30 minutes away from Myrtle Beach.  It is like living in the country. I am not originally from the south. I am from New Jersey. It was  quite a adjustment, and still is. I miss the culture up north. But, I don't think I could ever go back.  But, there is the ocean in Cherry Grove, about 10 minutes from my house. Then of course, Myrtle Beach about a half hour drive. 

  • If you love the ocean, which I do, you would like it here. The only thing, life gets in the way most of the time. The beach is here. But, your life moves on. When you think about it, of course the summer. Then we   have the large amount of tourists that transcend on to us. Then our beaches are given to our tourist friends for the summer. Oh well, what are you going to do. We do have to make sacrifices. I still love it here.

  • Here are a few pix of the beautiful beaches here. If any book bloggers would like to come and connect with me. Give me a call sometime. 
  • Have you previously participated in Armchair BEA? What brought you back for another year? If you have not previously participated, what drew you to the event? 

  • I have participated I believe for three years. It is almost as good as being there. Especially it gives a birds eye view with other bloggers that are actually there.  I participate each year because I love hearing what is going on in the publishing world, and books and connecting with the other book bloggers. It is almost as good as being there and not having to leave home. 
  • What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2013? 
  • Unfortunately, I have not found my favorite book yet for this year. I am still waiting for the best read. But, I have to say Unbroken which is non-fiction was so uplifting. That has to be my favorite so far. 

  • I just finished reading, Reliable Wife with our book club.  A great read by the way. But, there has been many mixed reviews.  I am now reading, a beach read, sent to me to review by John of St. Martin, Don't Go. It is a great easy read. What I needed after reading Reliable Wife. 
  • Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you. 

  • I was a registered nurse about thirty years ago. I let m license lapse after my son was born. I now am going back to school and hopefully finishing medical coding. 
  • Name your favorite blog(s) and explain why they are your favorite(s). 

  • My favorite book blog is Boston Bibliophile. Because she reads the most interesting posts. Because also she is helpful. She is the first person I have reached out to when I started book blogging. Bermuda Onion is another one because she lives in SC. Then Lorri from Jewilicious, because she rants about everything Jewish.

  • But unfortunately, I don't have the time to visit much any more. Or even diverse my book blog. This is making me think I need to do that.  But there is so much I could do, I think I get overwhelmed by it all.  
  • If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why? 

  • There are two authors, Chris Bohjalian and Joshua Henkin. Both are dedicated book lovers, and book club promoters. Just the person I can see sitting down and talking my favorite subject.   I have been reading Chris's work even before Oprah.  I still remember reading before the internet took over our lives. How much he loved and promotes book clubs.  He even then realized how important book clubs were. 

  • But recently I would love to meet and have dinner with David R. Gilham too.  the author of City of Women. He has been such a personable person, and acessible to most people, thanks to FB. I would love to have dinner with him in Berlin, during WW2 of course, and some of the characters. His book came alive for me. 

  • What literary location would you most like to visit? Why? Paris, where Hemingway, and Fitzgerald and their literary circle would meet.  Shakespeare and Co. 

  • Looking forward to next week reading all the posts. I am sure it will be bigger and better than the previous year.  It is so great for us that can't be there to read the posts of the book bloggers that are actually there. 
  • What I found wonderful beside Armchair BEA, also the publicists, and authors  were posting during the event as well. Even the live streaming that was new made it wonderful. 
  • Thank you again Armchair BEA for another year!!!!
  • Monday, May 20, 2013

    Reliable Wife: Book Review

    Reliable Wife
    By Robert Goolrick

    I have so many emotions after reading Reliable Wife.   I did not read the synopsis of the novel. All I knew was that it took place in Wisconsin somewhere and takes place in the past. I did not expect this kind of novel.

    The story is bleak and Gothic in writing style, there is sexual content, but not what you would expect. It was not graphic. If you like to read a book that is literary than this may be the book for you. It has all the things you learned in high school English class. There are many hidden meanings, and literary symbols, and metaphors, etc.

    This is a awesome book for a book club that will keep the readers discussing for weeks, and haunting you for days. I think many readers, and book bloggers do have mixed feelings about Reliable Wife.

    This is not the type of book to read quickly, you must slowly savor it.

    If you are down in the dumps this novel is depressing and not up lifting at all until the end.  I would recommend this to everyone at some point but not if you are having a bad week.  After re-reading and seeing the author talk I appreciated the novel.

    The book is many things, it is redemption, forgiveness,suffering, grief, and hope.  haunting, Gothic, and Psychological thriller, and a bit of romance and murder. It is not one set genre.

    What I loved the most is it is a fresh new voice, and a different kind of novel that I have ever experienced. It read like a movie in my head. 

    Reliable Wife is set in Wisconsin in 1907. It opens with Ralph, a rich self made man. He employs everyone in his town. The town is named after him. He has a terrible upbringing. He then marries a woman, and has one child that dies of influenza. He loves his child very much.

    He treats his wife like gods gift, and indulges her at every whim. What ever she wants she gets until he finds out she is having a affair.

    She is pregnant and takes out his anger on his son. He regrets this for years, and has guilt that becomes his downfall. After 20 yrs. he searches out for a mail order bride.


    The mail order bride turns out to be Catherine, she is not who she says she is. The picture she originally sends him is not her. He is looking for a plain woman, honest and a simple woman. What he gets is a beautiful woman with beautiful clothes, and luxuries instead.

    Already we know she is a liar, and dishonest and deceitful, and already we see trouble from the start before it even begins.

    Both of them want something from each other. Catherine wants a rich, money bag to eventually murder, where she can get his millions.

    Ralph feels very guilty for years how he treated his son, Antonio. He wants Catherine to help him get his son back. But, all his son wants is for Catherine and him to plot the murder of Ralph.

    What I found interesting about the character Ralph is, he is a powerful and strong business man of the town, and he allows Catherine to take over, as caretaker and wife.

    He knows she is poisoning him with Arsenic, and does nothing. Do you think he feels he deserves to be poisoned because of the treatment of his son? That seems so out of character for most ordinary people. I found this interesting and out of character. Do you think he felt he deserved it that is why he did nothing, and let her take control?

    It sounds like he gave up, felt so profoundly guilty, he felt relief that someone was killing him, and he was allowing her to be in control of his life.... Or do you think that loneliness played the part. He was afraid to die a lonely old man, know that someone was at his side he did not have to fear he would die alone.

    But Antonio, is self destructive and destroys himself. Where Catherine and Ralph are able to find something in each other. By the end they both find redemption and love for each other.

    I loved the setting of the novel, Wisconsin. Wisconsin was character. The time period, and the desolate, cold wintery days that were set in the novel, set the feel, and tension, and the loneliness of each of the characters. By the end of the story it is almost spring time and both of the characters are set free and are able to forgive each other.

    I loved everything about this novel. I am sorry I read this novel so quickly, I would have loved to read it slower to savoir the literary style of Reliable Wife. I am hoping my other book club would like to read, but I am afraid of their reaction. They are not serious readers and that is what kind of novel this is. I am looking forward to reading his next one, Heading Out To Wonderful.

    I was given this novel by the author. Thank you for the galley.  You can find more info. about Reliable Wife here.  Also at the publisher's website for book clubs here

    Saturday, May 18, 2013

    The Chaperone: Book Review

    The Chaperone
    By Laura Moriarty

    I enjoyed reading The Chaperone. First, it is historical fiction, it takes place in the 1920's. It is based loosely on the silent film actress, Louise Brooks. It takes place in two locations in Wichita, Kansas, and New York City. 

    This sets up the exciting novel of Laura Moriarty.

    In Wichita Kansas, Cora is a middle age house wife, with two twin boys ready to go off to college.  The empty nest syndrome is about to shake things up a bit for Cora. But Cora has other reasons for accompanying Louise. 

    Cora is asked to accompany Louise, 15 years old to New York City to try out for a dance troupe.  Louise is a conservative housewife, and she is uptight, and has very strict rules for Louise when they arrive in New York. 

    During their time in New York City, Louise is at the dance studio, Cora is spreading her wings in New York. Many years ago, Cora was given up for adoption and put on a Orphan Train headed for Wichita. She is hoping to find her birth mother, and reconnect with her in New York.

    During their five weeks together. They both, Louise and Cora learn much about each other.  Louise has hidden many facts about herself from her parents. What seems to be, is not always the case.   Cora learns to loosen about a bit, after Chaperoning Ms. Brooks. 

    From there we learn, about what happened after to Cora and Louise. Unfortunately Louise went through many husbands, and became a alcoholic, later on she went abroad and lived in Paris. She led a unhappy life, and became reclusive.  

    Where Cora, became a social activist and opened a home for unwed mother's. 

    My Review: The Chaperone was not what I was expecting.  I had expected a stint of their experience in New York City.

     Instead it was the life span of Cora and her life changing from a strict housewife to a modern woman from the 1920's to 1980's. 

    I liked the ideas of contrast of the two characters, one modern, Louise to strict Cora. The contrast of Witchita Kansas to New York City.  

    At times it seemed a bit preachy, because the author had so many social issues that were brought up in the story, adoption, gay issues, prohibition, black-white relationships, and there wasn't anything resolved.  I realized later, that Ms. Moriarty was a social worker, this explains the social issues that the book touched on. 

    There were two things that bothered me about the book. There was so many social issues, they seemed like that they were thrown in the mix. But, what was the point? not sure myself.  The story was not just 5 weeks Cora, and Louise were in New York. But, it was the entire life of Cora. What happened to her after.  There were parts of the novel that seemed to drag for me. 

    I loved the contrasts of the characters. The changing roles of women during the 20's. What the war did to change people, and society, and become modern to the end of the story of 1980's.  I thought it was interesting how people ideas changed about things during that span of time. 

    When I read a novel, I like to learn new things. I never heard of Louise Brooks. Ms. Brooks was a silent film actress. She was noticed by Charlie Chaplin.  She is known for the famous black bob, as you may notice below in the picture. 

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    Book Review: Killing Kennedy

    Killing Kennedy
    By Bill O'Reilly
    Martin Dugard

    The day JFK was shot, was November 23, 1963. I was only 4 yrs. old. But, I can still remember, what I was doing.  It is odd that a 4 yr. old can remember where she was, and what she was doing.   I remember in the basement on the coach.  I think I was alone with the televised procession, of open horse and carriage casket,  over and over again. Why should I remember this? Isn't it funny, how we remember certain things like this at a young age.  Or tragic things occur, we can remember.  It is like 9/11 I recall where I was and what I was doing.  But, that is another story.

    I read Killing Lincoln, last year for our book club. I enjoyed reading about this part of history. I did not know much  of the details. Watching Stephen Spielberg's movie about Mary Surratt, was so interesting. For some reason in history class I did not know there was a conspiracy.

     Was I paying attention?      Did I loose interest?     Or was it not brought up in class? All I knew was about John Wilkes Booth killed him in the Ford Theater  I don't remember a conspiracy was brought up. I don't know why, I don't remember it. I am sure that would have perked our interest. I don't know why I don't remember that discussion.   For that reason, I loved Killing Lincoln

    .I think he chose to write about Kennedy, because of the connection of Lincoln. I wish Mr. O'Reilly was more creative and found another subject that was more interesting with new information.  Killing Kennedy, was not the book.

     Why would someone write about the same things that were already  known?  This would be a good book for the teenagers that don't know much about JFK. But, for our generation we already knew, about Jack and the PT-109, we knew about his loves,  the mafia connection, mob bosses, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe, and his father, and his brother Bobby's influences,  Russia, Communism, the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, Hoover.  We also knew about his health problems, and his wife, Jackie influences on American Women, LBJ, and the start of the Vietnam War.  And of course about Onassis, the Greek tycoon.

      The parts of the book I did like was why the name of Camelot. What happened to each person at the end of the book.  There are resources and references to find more info, such as youtube watching Jackie Kennedy's famous White House Tour and more at the end of the book.  You can read much about Kennedy here, at his website.

      I would have liked to learn a definitive answer why Oswald shot Kennedy. There was a mention of getting on the radar of the FBI. Folks, if you are going to write a book tell us the why, how, when, and who were responsible to put the 2 and 2 together. These are only theories.

     I don't know what I was expecting. Perhaps it is because I lived, and experienced this part of  history. Most of it was either known to me, or we learned later. Unfortunately, I lost interest after the first 100 pages.  But, I still read it, because of our book club.  One thing, I will say if it was on another subject I would have enjoyed reading. Because I did love his writing style.

    I belong to a blogger community. One of the questions that was posed today. What kind of book draws you.  My answer is, and most of the other book bloggers was the same thing.  I want to learn something new. Once I learn this is not new to me, I get bored.  I only finished the book because of the book club.

    I think he chose to write about Kennedy, because of the connection of Lincoln. I wish Mr. O'Reilly was more creative and found another subject that was controversial. I hope he does next time. But, unfortuately I learned his next subject has been written about in movies, and TV.

      I felt like this was a waste of money to buy this book.   If he would have wrote another book on a different subject that I was unaware of  in  history. I am sure I would have liked it.   Because I did enjoy his journalistic writing style.   He's next venture is Jesus.  I definitely  will not read that. Because I have read so many books, and seen so many movies on this subject I am sure I will get bored.