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Non-Fiction Post:BEA

I like to read non-fiction as well as literary fiction.  As long as it catches me, and raptures me, compels me not to stop. It has to be a book that reads like a novel.

Right now, I am reading  non fiction by Cate Lineberry, called The Secret Rescue.  It takes place in 1943, Europe. A group of medics and nurses are going on a routine pickup of wounded soldiers instead it doesn't become routine. They are stuck in Albania. Albania was invaded by Germany. This is where the American nurses and medics are stuck.  Will they be betrayed by the Albanians? Will someone tell?  Will the villagers help them to get into safety in Italy? This story was never revealed, it was considered classified.
Now you can tell why I am riveted by this book.

I don't read books that are business oriented, or self help. I can read in a text book or a magazine.

If I read non-fiction it usually, is historical, or medical, political. Something that grabs me. These are the books that are on my list, and on m…

Genre: Literary Fiction: Armchair BEA

This is one post I think I am going to enjoy posting and sharing with other book bloggers. I am glad that the organizers for this event decided to add the genre discussion. Because most of the events that I see out there are mainly YA, and fantasy, and romance.  I didn't feel I connected with anyone in particular.  I am glad to see this discussion was added to the Armchair BEA event. 
I am hoping after BEA that I will connect with other literary fiction book bloggers and visit their book blogs. 
I was a main stream reader for years until I joined a book club. The two book clubs I joined in New Jersey were literary fiction.  They were very serious readers. Sometimes I felt over my head. But, I stuck with it.  I learned so much from their discussions.  After that I was stuck on literary fiction.  Even when I read mystery, it has to be literary fiction.  Not main stream mysteries likes James Patterson, or Mary Higgins Clark. Occasionally I will sneak in a beach read. Most beach read…

Arm Chair BEA: Blog Development

This post we are discussing blogging development.
I started book blogging about 5 years ago.  I moved from up north, specifically New Jersey, close to NYC.

New Jersey has a large area of colleges, and Universities that host cultural events of everything that you can imagine. Authors,  Margaret Atwood, from Sidney Sheldon, and James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark, which are broad list of genre.

I was very involved in different book clubs, and independent book stores, and learned what was hot and not.

When I moved here, specifically the South Carolina, I learned about what was important here.  Which in Myrtle Beach, there is not many culturally events. There is one local university that sometimes hosts occasionally cultural events.  In New Jersey, there was a vast supply of library books. You could always borrow any book from the library.  In South Carolina, there is limited funding of libraries, and culture.  It was eye opening to say the least. 

South Carolina is a poor state. Whe…

Don't Go: Great Book to Read during Memorial Weekend

Don't Go
By Lisa Scottoline
Review copy give by publicist

I would like to thank Lisa Scottoline for writing this story. It is a tribute to the men and women in the military. I have not read her books in years. When the opportunity came up to review by the publicist, I grabbed the chance.

The author and publicists are giving me a couple of autograph copies of her novel to give to the Long Bay Symphony golf tournament, Fiddler on the Green. So, I thought I could not resist to ask if John would like me to read and review, I am glad I did.

Recently there are books discussing in novels about military life.  I am glad they are bringing up and honoring our troops.

I have been reading so many literary novels, I need a break after our book club read such a sad and deep novel, Reliable Wife.

The novel, Don't Go grabs you from the start, and doesn't let up. This is a perfect beach read, and great to read now for memorial day weekend. I could not stop reading, it took me all of two d…

Arm Chair BEA Introductions

I a have bitter sweet feelings right now. This comes every year. I am happy for the one's that are able to go to BEA each year.
I was so hoping to go to NYC's BEA this year.  But a chronic illness that was diagnosed for my son about a months ago prevents me from going this year.  I was so excited.  But, I guess it was not meant to be. Hopefully some day I hope to join all the other book bloggers that are attending.

The reason I would some day like to go to BEA is the connection of other book lovers, book bloggers, bibliophiles, publicists, and authors. .   It would be so wonderful to finally meet some of the publicists that I have connected with by email over the years. The hot buzz books this year, and meet the authors. The other to connect book blogs with the many faces of book bloggers. I am a shy person, so I don't usually reach out to other book bloggers. But, going to BEA I think would change that.

The only thing I have not been able to talk to the book bloggers th…

Reliable Wife: Book Review

I have so many emotions after reading Reliable Wife.   I did not read the synopsis of the novel. All I knew was that it took place in Wisconsin somewhere and takes place in the past. I did not expect this kind of novel.

The story is bleak and Gothic in writing style, there is sexual content, but not what you would expect. It was not graphic. If you like to read a book that is literary than this may be the book for you. It has all the things you learned in high school English class. There are many hidden meanings, and literary symbols, and metaphors, etc.

This is a awesome book for a book club that will keep the readers discussing for weeks, and haunting you for days. I think many readers, and book bloggers do have mixed feelings about Reliable Wife.

This is not the type of book to read quickly, you must slowly savor it.

If you are down in the dumps this novel is depressing and not up lifting at all until the end.  I would recommend this to everyone at some point but …

The Chaperone: Book Review

The Chaperone
By Laura Moriarty

I enjoyed reading The Chaperone. First, it is historical fiction, it takes place in the 1920's. It is based loosely on the silent film actress, Louise Brooks. It takes place in two locations in Wichita, Kansas, and New York City. 

This sets up the exciting novel of Laura Moriarty.

In Wichita Kansas, Cora is a middle age house wife, with two twin boys ready to go off to college.  The empty nest syndrome is about to shake things up a bit for Cora. But Cora has other reasons for accompanying Louise. 

Cora is asked to accompany Louise, 15 years old to New York City to try out for a dance troupe.  Louise is a conservative housewife, and she is uptight, and has very strict rules for Louise when they arrive in New York. 

During their time in New York City, Louise is at the dance studio, Cora is spreading her wings in New York. Many years ago, Cora was given up for adoption and put on a Orphan Train headed for Wichita. She is hoping to find her birth mother, and …

Book Review: Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy
By Bill O'Reilly
Martin Dugard

The day JFK was shot, was November 23, 1963. I was only 4 yrs. old. But, I can still remember, what I was doing.  It is odd that a 4 yr. old can remember where she was, and what she was doing.   I remember in the basement on the coach.  I think I was alone with the televised procession, of open horse and carriage casket,  over and over again. Why should I remember this? Isn't it funny, how we remember certain things like this at a young age.  Or tragic things occur, we can remember.  It is like 9/11 I recall where I was and what I was doing.  But, that is another story.

I read Killing Lincoln, last year for our book club. I enjoyed reading about this part of history. I did not know much  of the details. Watching Stephen Spielberg's movie about Mary Surratt, was so interesting. For some reason in history class I did not know there was a conspiracy.

 Was I paying attention?      Did I loose interest?     Or was it no…