Sunday, June 1, 2014

Disappointment: From the Sidelines of BEA 2014

I am disappointed in BEA and the powers that be this year. They changed the format for people that were unable to attend this year. This year they decided not to stream the panels, and events and conversations on the floor with authors, and publicists.  The past few years that I attended by the side lines at home from my computer, they streamed. 

Publishing magazines allowed accessibility to know what galley are hot and would be given out to BEA. There was not any list floating around on the web that I know about. 

Third was the disappointment with Saturday, formerly a extension of BEA.  Now called Book Con.


They had a panel of publishers talking about upcoming book club books. Carol, from Book Reporter emailed me back and told me there would not be anything on youtube this year. But they would still have their slide show-how disappointing. 

I am writing this post with a heavy heart. Because in past years BEA has thought of people that were unable to attend. This year was very different. I did not feel like, I usually do. Previous years even though I was sitting in the side lines 

I could feel the beat of Book Expo. Not this year unfortunately. I am writing this post to let BEA and the powers that be about my disappointment. 


I was expecting streaming of Book Expo this year and more exposure to other programs that they have done in the past. For example conversations with the publicists, or authors about what was going on. The buzz on the floor, etc. There wasn't any publications online this year to give you a list of galleys that were hot and a buzz( I have to get that one). The third thing is, Carol Fitzgerald organizes a program each year for book clubs. Publicists talk about what books will be hot for book clubs. Formerly it was a extension of BEA. Now it is called Book Con.  

 It was great in previous years.  They had televised the entire presentation. If you were unable to see it, then you would be able to watch it on you tube later .  You were also able to watch  conversations with the authors, and people in the know on the floor, and what things were coming up. This way you felt like you were there.

But this year, you were not able to watch anything from the sidelines- how disappointing.

I had contacted BEA from Facebook and they told me they decided not to stream. Not enough people were watching it. Instead it will be on youtube. But, it doesn't have the other programs and panels instead it is clips of 10 minutes. Last year you were able to see everything. On youtube you can see the clips but they are not the entire panel.  You can watch the celebrities, but that is not what is important to me. 

                                      The AUTHORS, !!!, NOT CELEBRITIES  

 I contacted Carol,  from Book Reporter and she gave me more disappointing news. She told me it would not be available this year. But she would be putting the slide show on her website.  But, darn that is not the same as actually watching the enthusiasm of the publicists about the book.

I would think streaming or putting the presentation on at youtube would bring more publicity for the books. Isn't that the idea behind BEA in the first place?
-hand sell.  Another form of publicity and talking it up about books.

 Not just reading about it, watching the enthusiasm of the publicists and authors. After seeing a presentation and the person that was presenting. If the person was enthusiastic, Most people would take notice. They would go to the store and buy the book after seeing the panel.
My other complaint there was not anywhere that I could find. Any publicity information about what the buzz books were this year at BEA. In years past Publisher's Weekly, or other publishing magazines put out a list of galleys that were hot for BEA.

This year I was so psyched expecting the same from the publishing magazines, and BEA. This was a wonderful service to us book bloggers, or any body that were unable to attend. 

I am making my voice heard hoping someone from BEA will hear me. Please, Please make BEA more accessible to everyone. To us book bloggers, and publishers, and consumers that are unable to attend

 Make your voice heard, and write on your book blog, facebook twitter, Let the publicists that you correspond with know as well about your thoughts on BEA.  
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Elizabeth said...

I was at the BEA.

Saturday was VERY crowded with the BookCon being there.

Rhiannon Johnson said...

I just began book blogging 2 years ago so the first year I kinda didn't know what BEA was and this year I was trying to figure out how I could "participate" without the financial burden of actually attending. I had a very hard time finding the information I was looking for. I did a little bit of Armchair BEA but I wanted more accessibility. I assumed it was so they could make it so that you HAVE to attend in order to get all the inside scoop.