Saturday, June 7, 2014

Remembering Rue McClanahan as Blanche

I didn't realize how young she was when she starred in Golden
Girls with the Bea Arthur, and Getty. She must have been in her 40's.
She passed away today, she was in her mid 70's.  She died of a massive stroke- so sad.

I saw a recent picture of her. I don't want to remember her like that. I want to remember her as a beautiful, refined, classy lady( at least in Golden Girls). 

She was great in the Golden Girls.  The Southern Belle with sexual seduction tendencies.

She really made the show. She was so funny.  Brings back memories of the 80's, and the TV shows.
Only one left now is, Betty White.  Thought I would post to share. Just loved Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls brought a view of older citizens as lively, and feisty. I think this changed the perspective of older people. People thought older citizens just waiting to die. I think in some ways that has changed.  Because of the baby boomer generation, which is a large group.  Will not let that happen.

 I am reaching the senior age, not there yet, but will be reaching it soon. You still have your spunk, your craziness, and you always think  like a teenager. It never goes away.  I don't think younger people realize that until it is their turn.

Enjoy this video. I think I am going to search for some video's of the Golden Girls. 

May you rest in peace, Rue McClanahan.

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Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I loved Rue McClanahan! And Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty, too.

Nowadays I see Betty on Hot in Cleveland.