Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank You Ellen

I recieved Keeping The House by Ellen Baker. click here for her website. Our group won cookies for our book club and a author chat in October. Check out the art work " on the cover of her book,Keeping The House". That alone sold me. The cover doesn't usually grab me but this one did.
Has art work from a book cover ever grabbed your attention? Did you buy it on the basis of the art work?? Were you disappointed??? Or did it live up to your expectations??

Posting youtube

I finally did it!! It took me awhile but here is my first posting of a video.
All I needed was the embedded code to post on my blog.
For Audio, I just needed a button with a embedded code. I was experimenting and used Lisa See.

Another Movie Yet, This Weekend

Bridehead revisited will be showing at a theatre near you.
I never did see the TV series. We, who live in the south have to wait and see if it comes here or not. The distributer waits untill there is a demand, and how many reels are made for release.
For Kiterunner, many of us in book clubs made a fuss.
They had no choice.they must have contacted the movie distributer that there was a demand to see this. It did not show for one weekend but 4.
You can view the comments at another blog here and a review of TNYT.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2 anticipated movies

In anticipation of the 2 movies X-Files and Mummy 3.
I will post the links to the trailers of X-Files, and MUMMY 3.
X-Files you can find the link here.
For the MUMMY 3 find the trailer here.
See you at the movies.


2 Great Movies this weekend. Mama Mia, and BATMAN with Heath Ledger.
They were both great. I know I said I would dedicate this blog to only books. But I could not help it. I have to rave about both of these movies. It was worth the 8.75 to see. FOR ONCE.
I will just say I have a adolescents son almost 18. The rest is up to your imagination. If you have older teens, about to leave the house it may get to you. There were some sentimental parts,tears, laughter, rolling out of your seat laughing. There wasn't any profanity.
Anyone that is younger may not appreciate this movie. Here is a website that you may want to visit.
Dancing, the singing, the costumes. Boy, do I remember dressing to the hilt during the 70's, partying at the discos. I could never do that again with 3 inch heels. this was a just a good feel good movie. I just loved it.
The next movie I saw this weekend was BATMAN. I just thought the acting was terrific.
The last Joker was Jack Nicolson to compare. The most recent BATMAN sequel was intense. The first Batman was light hearted as the TV show was.was a different kind. It was difficult to watch Heath Ledger. He passed away earlier this year. I did not recognize him with all the makeup. It was so sad thinking he's gone. He was great in the movie. I can't stop taking about it. I could tell he put a lot of effort into this and himself in this movie.
He was great in Brokeback Mountain. I am going to see a few other movies in the next couple weeks.
I was a X-File fanatic,I am waiting for the X-Files to be released this weekend. But, it probably won't live up to the hype, and I will be probably be disappointed. I love Gillian Anderson and David Duchovney. If you see a post you will know it a thumbs up. If not, you will know not to bother.
The other my son who turns 18 I promised I would take him to see the MUMMY 3. I will let you know about the other 2 if you see the post or not.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jewish Book Blog

I am attempting to build a new blog.
It will feature books with Jewish content.
If you are interested you can view it at Susan's Rant'g of Jewish books. here just give me a couple weeks before you visit.

Ellen Baker " Keeping The House"

The author, Ellen Baker will be sending me a copy of her book " Keeping The House".
our book club will be recieving the cookies from the contest featured on her website.
We invited her for a conference call with us in Oct/Nov.
I will set up a date and time that will work out for Ellen.
I would like to thank,for posting.
I will be reviewing her book soon where I will post.
I love her book jacket for the paperback. I love the artwork. That alone sold me.
I am such a sucker, when it comes to the art work on the paperbacks.
When was the last time that you picked up a book because of the artwork on the book cover. Was it a disappointment or did it live up to what you expected.
Post your comment on your thoughts.

I just received my advance copy of Lace Reader it was sponsored by's blog.
I am excited that I received my copy.
Any book that takes place in New England I am happy about.
It is nostalgia for me.
I am a transplant from up north, and now live in SC.
It is a sense of place for me, because my uncle once lived in Marblehead.
I believe it is very close to Salem.
Anything that deals with New England I love to read about for example
Perfect Storm and Weight of Water etc, etc.
I will be reading " In The Time Of Cholera first with my Barnes and Noble Book Club. It is a new club that formed a month ago.
I will be reading Lace Reader after.
You can look for my post in a few weeks.

Review of Setember Of Shivaz

All I will say is stated most people like to read to feel or learn. I DID BOTH!!!
I felt for all the characters.
I never read a book before that took place in Iran during the Iran conflict or in Iran itself.
To me this was a new experience.
The author was born in Iran she used her experiences to write the book.
That is all I will say on this posting.
The other blog is on Susan's Rant'g Of Jewish Books.
Please visit that blog where I write reviews and everything Jewish there.
But I do recommend that you visit
EverydayIwritethebook blog
The blog wrote a review on September of Shivaz.
The end of the month everyone that recieved a copy of the book will leave a comment on her blog.
She does write a good review on each book that she reviews with resources of other sites that give information on the book.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sense and Sensibility Review

I liked the book. My problem was why would Edward risk everything, family and money for Lucy Steele. He left everything for awhile but luckily came to his senses. But during that time his mother disinherited him( Edward),Lucy ended up marrying Edward's brother. But, then Edward's brother, who was the favorite ended up marrying Lucy. So how his mother forgave him. That did not seem fair. Why was it all right for Edward's brother to marry Lucy, but not Edward. It seemed that the brother did the same thing but was forgiven by the mother.
The book club members seem to feel because of name and honor that was more precious to him. Than anything else. Now a days, we do not keep our end of the bargian. Engagements are broken all the time.
I did see the movie Sense and Sensibility. I really liked the movie. It seems that I would not have liked it if I did not read the book.
Well on to our next book, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have 2 other books to finish before I start it. I am reading Septembers of Shiraz and In The Time of Cholera.
I have been reading other blogs all week. I have also been asking other bloggers to add me to their reading blog. Which most of them did. It will be interesting to see if I get any kind of traffic soon.
I am also going to start a virtual online book club. If anyone is interested, check it out on
Thats about it so I am signing off for now.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Book Club Meeting Today

We had a book club meeting with 10, with a few guests which included Roz, Wendy, Joy, and Rabbi Debbie's daughter.
We had a great discussion with the professor from CCU. He had talked for more than 2 hours. He discussed the book, and Jane Austen's history, discussed the order of things, social class, arranged marriages, how novels were percieved during her time. Etc, Etc.
We would like to thank you Dr. Dennis Enis, for giving up your afternoon and spending time with us. We would like to thank Susan for opening her home to us. Like also Susan you went over and beyond that was expected.
Our next book club pick will be Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The discussion will be led by Benay Brockman. It will be held in Temple Emanu-El.
Info. is printed in the July/ August bulletin.
I hope all of my book club members will like what you see on the blog I created.
I have been attending a Web Technology Club led by a young man named Dominic it is held at Barnes and Noble. I have been going for over a month.
The blog will have info on the book club. Book news, and I will post book reviews that I have read, Jewish books to watch out for. If anyone would like to post book news, and reviews on books they have read they are welcome.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Loving Frank*****Warning (SPOILER)

I read " Loving Frank" is a historical novel about Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect and Mamah Borthwick Cheney's affair in the early 20th Century. Mameh, was a modern thinker of her time, and a feminist.
She left her marriage, and her children behind in the States. She and Frank, left for Europe where he was offered a job opportunities. She became employed by a woman philosopher.
Where her employer all along told her free love, do what it takes no matter what. Later on, she told her after she left her children for quite awhile to take care of her maternal instincts first before taking care of her emotional side, which is love. I think this was the turning point of the book. Because she thought so highly of her. Because this was the reason that she did what she did.
She eventually did return to the States with Frank. Frank Lloyd Wright was a very self centered, selfish person, and spend money like water. The only order he had in his life was the fine lines in architecture but not in his life. How could Mameh leave her children and go to Europe. That is just unheard of even today. They caused a scandal in the community of Oak Park. Ill. She became a marked woman, where the community eventually forgave him.
To this day, to visit the museums if they bring up Frank Lloyd Wright's life Mameh Cheney is not mentioned anywhere.
I did enjoy the book because of the women issues, the conflict of self-women issues, marriage and children. In the early 20th century women did not have a voice or a opinion. Unfortunately, she became the scandal not Frank. She was very modern in her time. Perhaps she would have fared better if she was born in the 21st century, rather than the early 2oth Century.
I did not like Mameh in the beginning, but she grew on me as the story went on.
For further resources here is the website to the book.

Sense and Sensibility and everything you wanted to know about Jane

Here you will find info. on Jane Austen at PBS.
I have linked to a podcast of Sense and Sensibility that will be discussing next week.
I found a podcast on the same website on Jane Austen. You can listen in here. I also have linked to a resource at Penguin Publishing where you will find discussion questions and information about the book and the author. I hope that this will enrich our book discussion in July.
You can view it here You may want to check out the website too. Take a listen and click here

view image

To view image below you must click the image.
Hope to see you at the next meeting.

July book club meeting

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