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School Days IS Overwhelming!!

I passed my first practical exam by the skin of my teeth. I studied and every test I get exam jitters and make stupid mistakes. I did that but I am just happy I passed. The next exam coming up I am dreading. This is the exam last semester, in General A/P I did not do well.

We are on the Muscles and Joints. The subject of muscles is very difficult, overwhelming. I can't wait till the exam will be over next week. Anyone that is in the medical field knows how difficult this part of A/P is. Never liked the muscles. Understanding the parts of the muscle cell, how the contraction works, and energy is very intimidating. But to add insult to injury we have to name each muscle and where it attaches called insertion and fixed. Anyone that reads this pray for me that I get through this with a passing grade.

All that is left for A/P is the Nervous System and Senses. That is more interesting to me.

The Speech class, I ending up with a good grade. The next two projects for speech that are l…

Literary Road Trip

I am going to be doing my first literary road trip entry soon. I am excited.
I went to Barnes and Noble this afternoon. I walked into the store, in Myrtle Beach and saw a display that caught my eye. The book is called Dead Weight, by Batt Humphreys. The story is based on historical Charleston, SC.

The book is about a Jewish merchant that is murdered in Charleston, SC. A African American is accused of the murder. The day before he is to be married he is accused of the murder. This will be great for my Jewish blog as well as Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe.

I am very excited because it takes place close to my home of Myrtle Beach. Historical fiction of the turn of the century, just up my alley. The book has gotten great reviews. I never heard about it till now.

One of my bookish friends told me after I sent a email out to let everyone know that she has seen him speak at Litchfield Books, in Litchfield. Too bad I would have loved to hear him. I just sent a email out to all my book…

I Am Back!!

I have been so busy with school that I had to let my blog go for awhile. I am now back because I am caught up with my work. I have a few days free time, thank g-d.

My practical was yesterday. I am sorry to say I did pretty bad. I studied everything. But found out during the practical I forgot one thing. I am so mad at myself.

The practical was parts of the body and the regions, Tissues(CT and Epidermis), bones, and joints. I studied so much on the tissues and bones and joints. I don't know how I could have forgotten that. I quess because I was so focused on the hard stuff, I was not thinking so much about the earlier chapters. Oh, well what are you going to do?

There were 100 questions and 20 of the questions I did not know, and then there were a few I did not know the answers to, even though I studied. I hope there is still hope. Because the practical is worth 7% of your overall grade.

This has been a hard semester. Last year I was on the president's and dean's list…