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The Long Wait is Over-Mad Men

Season 4 of Mad Men began on Sunday night at 10 PM.  Not sure if I like the new concept of starting their own advertising firm and Betty's relationship.  He seems so dull, compared to Don.

  She doesn't seem to understand anything around her. Except for children to be little dolls and behave.

I was a young girl in the early 60's. There wasn't children's and women's rights until 1970's.. Luckily things have changed. But I do remember appearance and etiquette was important to your parents.    Luckily parents now a days don't rely on their children's appearances and good manners to make them look like good parents. Not like the 60's.

The advertising firm from season 1 to season 4 is very different. The last past season's Cooper's firm was very professional.  Now, the new firm is very personal.  The employees are talking to each other like they are old buds.  Calling each other by their first name.  Walking into offices without knocking.   …

Monthly Jewish Book Carnival

I am so excited, Marie, at Boston Bibliophile, and American Jewish Libraries will be hosting a monthly Jewish Book Carnival. To promote Jewish books and readership on the biosphere. I am so excited because I have always thought there were only a few of us out there. Apparently not. My blog, Bagels, Books, and Schmooze has been laying idle for about six months. I was starting to think to combine my two blogs.  But then reading about the carnival I decided to give it a try.

But not only that maybe we will get Jewish book news in one place. Hopefully if there are other Jewish book bloggers they will join us. Thank You, Marie for inviting me and telling me about this.
Happy Blogging, Looking forward to the August Jewish Book Carnival.

Fierce Radiance: Book Review

A Fierce Radiance
By Lauren Belfer

The novel  opens during the start of the attack of Pearl Harbor. It is about a single working mother, Claire Shipley, a photojournalist for Life magazine.  She was married and had a daughter several years ago. But her daughter died from Septicemia, a blood infection.  During this time her marriage falls apart. She is left with her own devices of raising her young son by herself.

Top researchers and scientists are on the verge of a discovery of Penicillin. the mad dash development at the Rockefeller Institute. The story opens a gentleman is very ill, and Claire is on this assignment,  and the research of Penicillin.  He is given Penicillin he gets better. But then there is a rebound, and he is unable to bounce back because there isn't any penicillin left.  He unfortunately passes away. Life magazine decides to kill the story.

 Researchers are racing to find the medicine for soldiers fighting in the field dying from a amputation, shrapnel etc. Also…

Cherry On Top Award

Thank you for the surprise award from one of my fellow bloggers at Caroline's Bookbinder. The award is called Cherry on top award.. It is given to a person they feel has a special touch to their blog. I am very grateful that you feel this way.

List 3 things you like about myself are:

I am very good about getting up on my soap box.
I like my hair, it is curly and wavy and kinked up in the summer months
I can laugh at myself at times.

 I would like to pass the award to 5 fellow bloggers:

Boston Bibliophile
Every Day I Write The Book
Literate Housewife
Bermuda Onion
Jewish Wishes

The only picture I have on my computer that I like at the moment because my other computer went down is:
This is a photograph that I took for a school project. It is at a store in Myrtle Beach. It was so fun to remember those clothes and styles in the 60's. What do you think of the bus? LOL!!! After all I recieved a "A" for the school project.

Hot Flash Club

The Hot Flash Club
By Nancy Thayer

This book, was recommended by a friend of mine. The Hot Flash Club came at the best time. After reading the most depressing book. I needed to read something that was comical. I have had this book on my book shelf, but did not pick up until now.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is over 50.  Anyone adjusting to to a few wrinkles here, a few there. Some rolls hanging there.  Competition in the office, your darling daughter having some problems. She wants to move home. You are the only one that understands me. Wow is me, I want the house to myself.  I don't want to share the house with anyone any longer. The husband caught cheating.

If you can relate to this, this book is for you. 

Faye, Marilyn, Shirley, and Alice meet at a party. They all form a club called the Hot Flash Club. The four ladies start discussing their lives. They come to a conclusion we can help each other out.
"I think Alice, there's a way we can help one another.…