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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope this year will be a great year. Hope there will be good books to read, and blog about this year. I would like to thank all my followers that keep visiting. All my book blogging friends for your comments and support for this year. 

I have been having a rough time this year with my blog. I lost many of my readers because of my new name and blogging address.  Also, school takes precidence over my blog, but I hope to start getting a better readership again.

                  HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2011!!!

2010 Ribalow Book Award Winner

I am happy to announce, Sara Hougteling, author of Pictures at an Exhibit has been awarded the 2010 Harold U. Ribalow Prize for fiction.

The award is sponsored by Hadassah, a Jewish women's organization.
To be considered the book has to be fiction, a novel or short story and written in the english language.

You can visit Sara's website to read about her wonderful novel, Pictures at an Exhibit.  Anyone interested in art may want to pick up this book. You can read a review at The New York Times website here.

Darkened by World War II, Sara Houghteling s sweeping and sensuous debut novel tells the story of a son s quest to recover his family s lost masterpieces, looted by the Nazis during the occupation.

Born to an art dealer and his pianist wife, Max Berenzon is forbidden from entering the family business for reasons he cannot understand. He reluctantly attends medical school, reserving his true passion for his father s beautiful and brilliant gallery assistant, Rose ClĂ©ment. Wh…

Boo: Book Review

By Pat Conroy
E-edition by Open Road Media

 You were forewarned in the very beginning. This is Pat Conroy's first book.
If you have any connection with a Citadel, in SC. You may feel a connection to the book. The only connection I have is, I live in SC, and my son did go into the military, specifically the navy for a short time till he was medically discharged.

This is my first book that I read by Pat Conroy. I wanted to like this book especially since living in SC. What native from SC doesn't like Pat Conroy.

 I  liked the snippets of the "Boo"( stories). At other times I did not enjoy it.  Pat Conroy warns us this is his first attempt. It is self published. It was written because of his friendship of the Boo. He wanted to tell the story of the Boo's, care of his cadets, looking out for them.

  Mr. Conroy tells the story of Boo from 1961-1969.  Pat Conroy wanted to tell the story of this gruff man with a golden heart( he always had a cigar in his mouth). He …

Guest Post and Book Giveaway Table of Contents

In honor of their just published cook book, Table of Contents. I am having a book giveaway. The rules are to leave a comment on my blog, about your experience with food and books and book clubs.  Then write a post on your blog about the contest, and link up to my blog. The contest starts today 12/19- 1/1. There are two books to be given away.

I am honored today, with a guest post by co-authors, Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp. They have written a marvelous book called Table Of Contents Cook Book, From Breakfast with Anita Diamant to Dessert with James Patterson.

Judy and Vicki met over stacks of books, and endless cups of jo at a local sandwich shop. They decided to try their hand  atThe Book Club Cookbook, followed by Kids Book Club Book and Table of Contents.  They also have a marvelous website, Book Club Cook Book, with enormous resources for book clubs.  You would find food pairing with a favorite book. Information about the author. Loads of resource information for your book clu…

The Girl She Used To Be: Book Review

The Girl She Used To Be
By David Cristofano

The novel is about Melody, and her family.  She and her family witnessed a brutal act of violence. They were then put into the Witness Protection Program.  She, and her family lost their home, their identity. Melody eventually looses her family as well.
She has had several times had to change her identity.

As the book opens, 20 years later. She is now a grown woman. She is teaching to high school students. Melody is restless and bored and wants to change her life. Melody contacts Sean, from the Witness Program.   While this is happening the son, Jonathan of the murderer, (family is mafioso). Jonathan follows her and they converse with each other. She loves the attention, the thrill, the freedom. She goes with him willingly defying the witness program.  For a few days the Feds don't know where she went.

They both fall head over heals with each other. Jonathan has a plan. He wants her to meet his family. He has a idealistic idea. He thi…

Maise Dobb Read-A-Long

Book Club Girl is hosting a Maisie Dobbs read along starting in January. I am excited to join. I always wanted to read the books but never got the chance. The read a long happens with the timely paperback release, Mapping of Love and Death, and the new published novel in March,of Lesson in Secrets.

Book Club Girl will be posting book discussion questions on a schedule. It is listed on Book Club Girl's website. The first one starts with reading the first Maisie Dobbs questions will be posted on January 14th. 

I am looking forward to reading.  Just because of the timely setting in Europe in 20's and 30's.  I am very excited. I am going to get the digital version for my nook.  Come join us, and read the mavelous article on book club girl.

Table Of Contents: Book Review

What a good pairing, authors, and their recipes.
I received a  copy of Table of Contents by Judy Gelman and Vicky Levy Krupp, from the authors of Book Club Cookbook.

Every book club should have a copy. But, even if you are not in a book club it is a nice book to read about your favorite authors. I had fun reading all about them. There are 50 authors and their recipes that they have put in the book. The authors give your recipes to go with their books. The recipes are from meat loaf, to beverages.

I like the way the book was written, with the author's picture and the books they have published and about to be published. There are a few questions asked and the recipes. What inspired you to choose the title of the book, Who was the writer that influenced you the most. What would you like your readers to know about you.

What is your writing process.  I did think that Julia Glass had a very interesting perspective. Her answer is, day dreaming. I love her words" Marinating in your o…

South Carolina is Cold!!!

This is the second year that we are actually cold, I  mean C-O-L-D!!  The last few years I did not mind the cold. But this year, maybe because I am getting older. I am feeling like the retirees that live here.  I used to not mind the cold.  But, I do now.  It is suppose to be cold till Friday and then warm up!!! Haleluah!!!

Last year I moved to a new apartment that has a fireplace. Since it has gotten cold( I am talking about the teens) we started using the fireplace.  It was so nice and warm and toasty.  Our cat, is just sitting in front of the fireplace contented.  What a warm and cozy feeling.

Yesterday I felt a sore throat, coming on.    So today was a good  cooking day for my cold. The good aromas of Chicken Soup, for me  and beef stew for David.

 Then after all the cooking I did I sat down to a old fashioned movie. Then after I will hit the books for a few hours. I am wrapping myself in my PJ's and a blanket.

 In my reading life, I am reading a good" grab me book" …

Great Tribute: Crime Movies Revisited

Love and Other Drugs

Love &Other Drugs, I did not expect it to be very good. But because Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway were both starring in this film I wanted to see it. I expected it to be another chick-flick. Not so, this was not a chick flick.  I was not sure, but I thought this was based on a true story.
I  related to the movie because I am in the medical profession. The movie is about a pharmaceutical rep. Right up my alley.

I remember when I worked in a doctor's office all the pharmaceutical reps visiting the doctors. The way to get their foot past the receptionist and through the doctor's office, butter up the medical secretaries. Give them the perks.

In some ways, this movie brings up the discussion of pharmaceutical companies. Is it right for the doctors to be given perks.  I am talking about the expensive lunches, and broadway shows, and all the perks that go with it. 

I don't want to get on my soap box.  Because this movie was not focused on the pharmaceutical companies.…

Bringing Home the Birkin: Book Review

Bringing Home the Birkin  By  Michael Tonello

The memoir, is about Michael, a makeup artist. The book is about Michael's escapades in Europe.  He is living in Ptown, and goes on a trip to Barcellona. He decides that he has been working in the US too long.  He doesn't know what he wants to do. But he wants to live in Barcellona. He tells his room mate that he is going to move. He packs up his things and puts them in storage.  He travels to Europe with literally, not much of anything. He doesn't know what kind of work he is going to do.  On a fluke, he goes on ebay, and puts some of his hermes scarves up for auction.  He doesn't think anything will happen. He finds out he is totally wrong. He can't believe that they want it.   He does this for awhile. He becomes friendly with some of his buyers. One of his buyer's Grace gives him a idea.
On a fluke he buys some more scarves and then he gets a hold of one birkin bag. He buys the birkin bag and then resells them on eb…