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Book Readers You Must See This


You wouldn't believe this, unless you saw it for yourself. Do you remember, those little golden books our parent's and grandparents read to us, when we were children??

Look!! The gown is made from Golden Books, You can see the gorgeous dress how it was made

Nice Goodies Came Today

These are the books that came to my mail box last week, I was thrilled, so many books so little time

Instrument of Darkness
By Imogen Robertson

From the flap:

In the year 1780, Sussex England, Thornleigh Hall, the ornate and forbidding seat of the Earl of Sussex, dominates the surrounding countryside. Thought its heir has been missing for fifteen years, and the once vigorous family is reduced to a cripple, his whore and his alcoholic secound son, its power remains. When dead bodies begin turning up, the stage is set for an unlikely forensic duo to uncover the family's deadly secrets.

Sounds like a great gothic read.

The Other Life
By Ellen Miester

From the publisher notes:

Meister introduces Quinn Branverman, a young married mother, who is keeping two secrets from her loving husband, Lewis. One is that the real reason she chose him over Eugene, her neurotic, semi-famous ex-boyfriend, was to prove to her mother that she could have a happy, stable relationship with the guy next door…

Elizabeth Taylor Passes, at 79

Elizabeth Taylor, is from old Hollywood.  Old Hollywood, contracted their stars. They were locked in to a certain studio, unless you were borrowed out.   Studios don't contract stars any longer. It is harder to get into the business. But, back in her time you were with a studio, for( Elizabeth Taylor was with a studio for 7 years) x about of years.

When you think of Elizabeth Taylor, What do you think of? Luxury, Extravagence, money, many husbands, glamor, scandals, and most of all a gutsy, DIVA.  She had many health problems. She was married 8 times. Yes, you heard me 8 times. She was married to a senator,  married to Richard Burton twice
(us middle age society, should remember this). Her husband Todd died very young. She hooked up with Eddie Fisher(Debbie Reynold's husband and the daughter of Carrie Fisher). That was a big scandal in the 1950's.

She had many health issues, starting with a fall, during the the production of National Velvet. She had several other health is…

Update on Kitty

This is so coincidental. I connected to a someone in Columbia, SC. She told me about a breeder near Augusta, Ga.  The funny thing, she adopted two Burmese cats. I went on facebook on the Burmese Rescue page to ask if anyone knew anyone that had a Burmese. I did some searching from one breeder in Ga((Stagelight Cattery).   I connected to the same breeder. Now, that is coincidence.   The funny thing, she wanted to also know about my Jewish blog, Bagels, Books, and Schmooze.  Bagels blog is going inactive soon.

But anyhow, the coincidence, she is Jewish from Columbia, SC. She also lived in South Florida. I used to live there too. That is where I connected and fell in love with the Burmese.

The other thing I am hoping to go to the S.C. Literary Book Festival in May. It is being held in Columbia. Maybe I can meet her there.

 Thank goodness for Facebook.  It is so amazing who you will meet on facebook.

On A Mission For Kitty

I have been on a mission for the last couple weeks. I have been searching and searching for a new addition to our family. The Siamese, Snow Shoe, or Burmese.

 When I lived in Miami, David and I went to a cat show. Since then we have been fascinated with a certain breed, " The Burmese". They are so gorgeous.

The cat show, I was introduced with the Burmese, it is love at first sight. They are very friendly, lap cats. The many cattery sites I have been on are the same in description of the Burmese. They come in sable, champagne, cream, and chocolate. Originally I wanted sable for a long time. But, I realize all of them are beautiful.  I contacted a few catteries. But, the one I think I found is in N. Carolina. I will just have to see and put myself on the waiting list.

Also, the Snow Shoes are friendly as well, they are part siamse.

I would just like to rescue a cat. But, unfortunately I had a bad experience with one.  The cat was ferrell. I don't want to go through that ag…

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - Official Trailer 2011 HD


Fun With Books This Week

I  had a busy week, not with school or work this time, but with my blogging and books.  First I have been trying to update my blog by adding a few more blogging friends to my blog roll. I actually was reading a few posts on the blogs and the professional book bloggers as well.

Tara and I went to my favorite book store, Litchfield Books( Independent book store in Litchfield, SC). I had a great time. Spent too much of course that I shouldn't have. I love getting recommendations from the ladies. It was the first time they asked me about the buzz in cyberspace. WOW, that made me feel good.  The ladies told me that they were so close to get Lisa See to come to Litchfield, but that didn't work out.

The books, that were recommended to me were:
Of Course, The Tiger Wife by Tea Obert
Underfishbone Clouds by Sam Meekings
Violin of Auschwitz by Maria Angels Anglada
Friday's Daughter by Patricia Sprinkle
The Dressmaker of Khair Khana by Gayle Tzemack Lemmon.

I like to read the indep…

Short List for the Orange Prize

I am happy to see the winners of the long list of the Orange Prize in the UK. See below the entire long list. It is going to be a hard choice to narrow it down.

I have seen much chatter about The Tiger Wife. There have been great reviews for a young author as a debut author.  I am looking out for Room, which had a lot of conversation earlier this fall. I am going to watch out for two Jewish Women author's, the Invisible Bridge, and Great House, Congratualations to all these wonderful authors.  I will be looking out for the short list soon.

The Orange Prize for Fiction, the UK's only annual book award for fiction written by a woman, today announces the 2011 longlist. Celebrating its sixteenth anniversary this year, the Prize celebrates excellence, originality and accessibility in women's writing throughout the world.

Leila Aboulela - Lyrics Alley
Carol Birch - Jamrach's Menagerie
Emma Donoghue - Room
Tishani Doshi - The Pleasur…