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Left Neglected Book Tour and Giveaway

Left Neglected
By Lisa Genova

Dear readers, please forgive this review. I have had a problem posting with blogger at least four different days. I have been upset, because I had a lot to say about this novel. But, most of it has faded away. This is my favorite novel for the summer, beside Butterfly's Daughter.  I like to read a book that has something to say, with some research mixed in. I could tell Ms. Genova did her research.

 Thank goodness I had posted some thoughts on Goodreads.  I am posting it from there. Please forgive me this time. As my life is topsy-turvy right now with moving, and finding a new job, and lots of different changes. I am sad about these life changes. But, I always have believed there is a reason for everything.  So, I don't know what it is yet, but I am sure it will come to me. 

Read on to my review: I may go back and revise in a few weeks when my life is not so crazy. I would like to apologize to my readers and to Ayelet from Simon and Schuester. I…

Borders Closing

rders is closing, see what NPR has to say.

Sorry I posted below, but for some reason blogger is not allowing me to edit anything lately. I am really thinking of closing shop on blogger. Starting over on another host. Ever since blogger has changed their format, I can't change posts. My posts are not formatted right. I want to edit a post and it won't. So bear with me until, I get this straightened out. I hope this does not affect me loosing my readers. Sorry,

Post below is my thoughts on Borders Book Store.

Another One Hits The Dust: Borders Book Store

Today is a sad day for the publishing industry and the book business. Most of the stores that are still in existance are questioning, will we still be in business, with E-books on the rise. Will patrons still buy a physical book. What happened to Borders? Will it happen to us?

My experience with Borders was living up north, in Paramus NJ.  Beside Borders at Garden State Mall, we had two, yes I said two Barnes and Noble one different sides of the road, on Rt. 17, a mile apart.
We also did have a few independent book stores, one in Ridgewood, NJ, called Bookends.  Then another one in Wycoff. Don't remember the name of that one.

I preferred going to BN, instead of Borders. I liked going to Borders for the the events. But, I did not like the layout. Barnes and Noble had the large couches and oversized chairs, and it had a comfy feeling.  Borders did not, and either does the Indies. I left NJ about 10 years ago.

Now, that I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. We do have a Barnes and Noble, I…

Turn of Mind: Book Review

Turn of Mind Alice La Plante Copy as ebook by Netgalley This a different kind of novel. Lately, many authors are writing novels about memory loss and Alzheimer's Disease. It could be that the baby boomers are getting to middle age. This was a interesting read. It is the story about Jennifer, a 64 year o...more Lately, many authors are writing novels about memory loss and Alzheimer's Disease. It could be that the baby boomers are getting to middle age. This was a interesting read. 

  Turn of Mind is the story, about Jennifer, 64 year old widow, with Alzheimer's Disease. She has a daughter Fiona, and a son Mark. She has a caretaker 24/7, Magdelena staying at her home. Her friend Amanda, her neighbor is killed with 4 fingers severed off her hand.

  Most of the time, Jennifer has a notebook that she carries around with her everywhere. But, it is unrealiable.

Police think Jennifer was responsible. But the problem is Jennifer's memory is detoriating. It is very interesting h…

Books, and More Books Arriving This Week

Wow, this week has been a winner with all the books and gifts I recieved.  First I recieved compliments of Book Club Girl,  a tote bag with books authored by Mary Kay Andrews, Deep Dish. But, what I was really excited about was, Summer Rental.  How great is that!! Check it out below.

These are the books that came this week:

Left Neglect by Lisa Genova
Storm Chasers by Jenna Blum
Maine by J.Courtney Sullivan
Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson
I Gave My Heart to Know This, Ellen Baker

Happy Reading!!!

Book Club Discussion: Butterfly's Daughter

I thought I would post this for a laugh today. Look Above. 

Our book club, 38th Ave. Diva Readers, met today.

What a book club it was. The last time we had this kind of meeting, was when Benay hosted it at our temple. We had 18 ladies attend. As you can imagine, when many ladies show up, it is a gathering.

The one thing I decided if more than 8 ladies were showing up, I would do just the usual munchies. But, because I thought only 6-8 were coming I would make it more elaborate. What a mistake, all of sudden 11 people show up. like always, some people didn't RSVP. Luckily I had made enough food.

But despite the large number of 11 ladies, only two did not show up. I was hosting this one.  If you follow this blog you all know I read this a few months ago.  One of the book club rules: you must read the book before suggesting it.

I personally don't like this rule, because I don't like re-reading the book again.

I decided I was going to do a food theme, based on the book, …

Kitchen's Daughter

Kitchen Daughter
By Jael McHenry

I recieved copy from the publisher

This review is going to be short and sweet. I read this a few weeks ago, and don't recall all of the details.  

The Kitchen Daughter, when the story opens Ginny's parents just pass away. Her sister, and the family come home to the funeral.  Ginny is different she doesn't do well in social situations.She doesn't like to be touched by others.  Ginny doesn't feel comfortable after the funeral with the relatives and friends visiting.  The relatives, are interferring and her sister Ginny is domineering.  

After they leave it is just her sister, Amanda and her left in the house. Amanda has family of her own, and lives a distance from Ginny.  

 Her sister doesn't feel comfortable with Ginny left in the house by herself.   Ginny has Asperger's Syndrome. But, we learn later in the story, she was not diagnosed, it was just suspected.

As anxiety starts to take over, Ginny decides she is going to …

Book Giveaway

Hi Y'all to all my fellow readers, I am hosting a book giveaway.
The book is The Talk-Funny Girl.

Here is the synopsis of The Talk-Funny Girl:

In one of the poorest parts of rural New Hampshire, teenage girls have been disappearing, snatched from back country roads, never to be seen alive again. For seventeen-year-old Marjorie Richards, the fear raised by these abductions is the backdrop to what she lives with her own home, every day. Marjorie has been raised by parents so intentionally isolated from normal society that they have developed their own dialect, a kind of mountain hybrid of English that displays both their ignorance of and disdain for the wider world. Marjorie is tormented by her classmates, who call her “The Talk-funny girl,” but as the nearby factory town sinks deeper into economic ruin and as her parents fall more completely under the influence of a sadistic cult leader, her options for escape dwindle. But then, thanks to a loving aunt, Marjorie is hired by a…

We Band of Angels: Book Review

Band of Angels
By Elizabeth M. Norman

We Band of Angels, is the true story of our forgotten women during World War 2.  88 nurse's were trained, by the Army Nurse Corp, and also the Navy, but not for combat.

They came to the Phillipines, for travel. adventure, warm weather, and action, and fun. But they did not know what they were going to have to use their intuition, their experience, and street smarts.

Here is the background history of the Phillipines:

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The Americans and Phillipino's were in the Phillipines, on a base in Manilla. After a few days, the Japanese bombed Manilla. This forced the American and Phillipino troops to go to Battan. Once the military was in Battan, they were forced to the south of the Phillipines. Once there the Japanese forced the death march of thousands of Phillipino, and American military. 

The famous death march caused terrible relations after the war for years.  Because of this even, now Ame…

Still Alice

Still Alice
By Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova, is a psychologist with a Ph.D in neuroscience. She self published her novel, and sold her books by word of mouth, and from the trunk of her car.

Alice is a 50 year old, married with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Her husband is a research scientist.   She has three adult children already living away from home.

The book feels like you are reading a memoir. Each chapter, is set in the next month as we see Alice regress further and further from herself. The novel, starts before diagnosis to when she looses herself.

It starts with she can't find her keys, where her cell phone is, forgets what she is covering in class.  Not being able to recognize where she is.  She chalks it up to the stress, getting older, menopause setting it. But, this is not the case as she is diagnosed.

As the disease progresses we see what happens to Alice, and how it affects her and her family.  Alice loses her self and who she is.  The only one that seems to he…